Numerous innovations from Bauer Maschinen Group

One of Bauer drilling rigs that will be on show is the BG 45. Thanks to its V-kinematics, where the mast is shifted to the front in transport position, the machine offers a high level of rigidity for difficult applications and excellent versatility in the mobilisation phase. As a result, a transport weight of around 35 t for the heaviest individual components can be achieved with high efficiency.

At bauma, the BG 45 will be exhibited with an equipment package for soil mixing technology: the single column mixing-double head (SCM-DH). Two mixing tools with reverse rotation achieve thorough soil mixing and column quality due to this contrary motion.

The smaller BG 23 H is a compact drilling rig with H-kinematics. The unit can be completely mobilised and loaded using a wireless remote control. With this model, the mast is stored on the machine in transport position, and the counterweight can be removed by the machine itself if necessary. This facilitates rapid and easy mobilisation from one construction site to another.

The BG 23 H’s complex undercarriage allows for a transport width of just 2.5 m and a transport height of just 3.1 m when the rotary drive is dismantled. This makes it easier to pass through narrow entrances and gates, as often found on urban construction sites.

Using an expansion kit, the BG 23 H is able to operate on construction sites with a working height of less than 9 m. In Kelly operation, a powerful capacity of 235 kNm is available for installing the casings, and with the Crowd Plus assistant it is possible to activate a retraction force of up to 400 kN for retracting the casings.

Bauer’s ValueLine equipment is specially optimised for Kelly drilling. The BG 36 is the latest development in this line. EEP technology is now the standard for the upper end of the ValueLine range of equipment.

For the toughest applications with large drilling diameters of up to 3 m and drilling depths of up to 115 m, the V-kinematics provide a solid and robust foundation with large bearing width. The feed cylinder with a length of 8.5 m and a retraction force up to 50 t enables the use of long casings as well.

The B-Tronic system has also arrived for the special Kelly equipment. Apart from the large-scale display of drilling data and equipment parameters, the drilling assistant system allows for low-fatigue work during long drilling processes.

The adaptive Kelly speed assistant is available for the new BG 36. This system enables fully automated, safe, fast and gentle extension and retraction of the heavy Kelly bars with up to five thrusts in places. 

Another innovation is the eBG 33 electric drilling rig, which enables locally CO2-free operation. Apart from standard drilling methods, high-performance methods (e.g. soil mixing and double-head drilling methods) are possible as well as use with a trench cutter. At bauma, Bauer will be introducing the next generation of electric drilling rigs in the top torque class.

To build cut-off walls, which are used for retaining structures, sealing off dams or as a foundation element, one option is the cutter soil mixing method (CSM). It combines features of the diaphragm wall technique and the soil mixing method. The CSM equipment that Bauer will be presenting on an RG 21 T enables a maximum mixing depth of 20 m. A new model of the BCM mixing unit delivers enhanced performance for narrow soil mixing walls.

In the area of diaphragm wall technology, Bauer will be showcasing a BC 48 cutter with turnable HDS-T hose drum system and a new cutting tool. The base carrier is a Bauer MC 96 duty-cycle crane. The Bauer Cube System will also be on exhibit. The complete cutter including hose drum system fits in three conventional 20-ft-tall high cube containers. As a result, the system can be easily used in 3 x 3 m diameter tunnels, a major advantage for cutting projects in densely populated large cities. The electric drive system considerably reduces the ecological disturbance of a cutting site.

From the RTG Rammtechnik GmbH, the RG 21 T has a newly developed BCM 5 cutting and mixing unit. Highlights include the expanded cutting width and an increased performance capacity. This results in a highly efficient CSM unit with low noise emissions and an excellent CO2 footprint. The RG 21 T is equipped with the latest B-Tronic version and can be operated entirely using ‘Operate’ remote control.

The RG 19 T is the first hybrid model in the telescoping leader segment. The system capacity is achieved with a diesel engine and an additional electric drive, which significantly reduces the CO2 and noise emissions. All RTG models on the BS55RS and BS65RS base carrier can be offered with this hybrid technology in the future. The fitted vibrator has the SilentVibro package and the sheet pile assistant, increasing occupational safety and enhancing productivity.

The Klemm KR 606-3 mini drilling rig features full anchor kinematics, perfectly suited for use in cramped urban conditions. The power packs are available in a diesel version or electrohydraulic version.

With an operating weight of less than 10 t and a total width of 1.8 m, the KR 800-3G is the smallest universal drilling rig with anchor kinematics and rollover. Its smart feed function with divisible feed is designed for low-headroom applications.

The KR 805-3GW is a drilling rig for probe drilling involving near-surface geothermal heat. This makes it possible to reach drilling depths of up to 200 m using the double-head drilling method. A crane and drill string manipulator as well a hydraulic pulling mechanism in the clamping and breaking device are included on this equipment weighing nearly 20 t.

The KR 806-3E features proven technology from the KR 806-3GS, yet as an electrohydraulic, emission-free variant. The intelligent control system enables the use of batteries as a booster for drilling operation to reduce the required electricity load.

The Bauer MAT Slurry Handling Systems will be presenting its BE 300-C, which is deemed the most compact desanding plant of its capacity class worldwide. This is installed in a 20-ft container frame. In two stages, the plant separates solids up to a particle size of d 50 = 30 µm (known as the cut point) from rinsing fluid (known as slurry).

In the area of mixers, the Allgäu-based branch of Bauer Maschinen will be displaying the CMS 30 mixer (used for colloidal mixing of solids smaller than 1 mm with liquids), including the DP 160 grouting and rinsing pump. The CMS 30 can process up to three solids, two liquids and two additives.

The exhibits from Bauer MAT Slurry Handling Systems is rounded off by the battery-powered HP 30 hose pump and the AVS 550-D grouting station, a plant that produces and pumps out materials such as cement slurry for anchor grouting.

Bauma booth: FN.520