FreeFalcon: Doka’s mobile fall protection system

The FreeFalcon system protects construction crew members in areas where the risk of a fall is most critical. It significantly enhances user safety without sacrificing mobility, helping to minimise the risk of falls from height.

This mobile personal fall-arrest system from Doka is specifically designed for the overhead anchorage of fall arresters with a maximum radius of up to 10 m. In its default position, the anchor point is 2.35 m above the installation surface.

On surfaces with a maximum angle of 5°, the unit allows users to individually determine the position of their anchor. By using a standard hand pallet jack, the unit can be easily moved horizontally on surfaces by just one person.

The FreeFalcon system has a diameter of 2.25 m and weight of 450 kg. The attachment of approved loading straps or four-rope chain for relocation with a crane is made possible by the four attachment point rings on the base plate.

Images: Doka