XGC55T and XCT25L5 mobile cranes from XCMG

The XCMG XGC55T telescopic crawler crane is suitable for use in various applications, such as foundation and piling work, bridge and tunnel construction, and many more. The machine offers a maximum lifting capacity of 55 t, lifting speed of 140 m/min, five-section boom (the boom bracket is 10.6 - 41 m) and an auxiliary boom combination length of 41+16 m.

The XGC55T’s two-lattice jibs have a length of 9.5/16 m. The superstructure turntable counterweight of 0-16.7 t (full counterweight) has four compound modes and each compound has an independent lifting performance table, improving the machine’s versatility. The XGC55T has a transportation width of up to 3 m and transportation weight of up to 28.6 t.

The XCMG XCT25L5 truck crane has been deployed in a wide range of projects around the world. It has a maximum lifting height of 50.2 m, together with a main boom of 42 m and an auxiliary boom of 9 m. The U-shaped main boom, with an outrigger span of 5.65 m x 6.4 m, provides a solid foundation during lifting operations. The machine also has a minimum slewing steady speed of 0.1°/s.

On Site Construction Super High Intelligent Level 550

Above: XCMG XCT25L5 truck crane.