Construction starts on Nusantara Capital Authority office building; Indonesia’s new capital development begins phase 4

Construction work has started on the Nusantara Capital Authority (NCA) office building, situated in the Core Area of Nusantara Government Centre 1A. The groundbreaking ceremony for this project took place on 17 January 2024, officiated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

The NCA office is one of the iconic landmarks in Nusantara, the new capital of Indonesia, located on the east coast of Kalimantan island. Phase 1 of the project is targeted for completion in January 2025, occupying an area of 2.5 ha and a building area of 16,075 sq m. It will have six floors, with an office area of 6,578.5 sq m and a capacity of around 600 employees.

“The NCA building is designed to blend with nature and adopts a smart, green, and sustainable office concept. It is expected to bring a new lifestyle and working style and become a role model for offices throughout Indonesia,” said Bambang Susantono, chairman of NCA.

NCA is the authority responsible for managing and regulating Nusantara. Its duties involve supporting the preparation, development, and relocation of the national capital from Jakarta to Nusantara.

The NCA office is part of the Nusantara development phase 4 – which also includes the construction of the City Hall, Memorial Park, Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) office, LPP RRI office, a hotel, a warehouse, and a national mosque. The groundbreaking ceremony for this phase was held on the same day (17 January).

There are two state-owned enterprises involved in the phase 4 development, said Agung Wicaksono, deputy for funding and investment at NCA. These include Pos Indonesia (Indonesian Post), which will build the Nusantara Logistics Hub, and RRI (Radio of the Republic of Indonesia) that will build a studio and broadcasting facility in Nusantara.

The first three phases of Nusantara development began in 2023: phase 1 started on 21-22 September, phase 2 on 1-2 November, and phase 3 on 20-21 December.

When fully completed, Nusantara will cover approximately 256,142 ha of land and a marine area of 68,189 ha. According to Mr Susantono, this large-scale development is an effort to realise Indonesia’s 2045 Vision that aims to move from a middle-income to a high-income country.

NCA further pointed out that Nusantara not only promises an economic progress but also contributes to environmental preservation. The concept of an environment-friendly smart city, known as a forest city, is a priority, indicating a commitment to a sustainable future for future generations.

All images: Nusantara Capital Authority