DokaXdek family revolutionises slab construction

Doka has unveiled its new slab-formwork family, DokaXdek, which consists of three elements – DokaXdek table, DokaXdek panel and DokaXdek I-frame. This highly versatile system has been designed to address current and future issues such as safety, ergonomics and economy on construction sites worldwide.

“With DokaXdek, we are launching a floor-slab formwork system that covers the requirements of our customers from small to large construction sites,” said Robert Hauser, CEO Doka.

The DokaXdek table offers all the usual advantages of a slab table, such as speed, safety and economy – especially on medium to large construction sites. With a robust, hot-dip galvanised steel frame, this system has excellent durability, flexibility and handling. The slab table is available in four different formats of 4 or 5 m in length, and 2 or 2.5 m in width. The swivel head ensures a strong connection between the DokaXdek table and Eurex floor props. It also adds flexibility, as it can be bolted in both longitudinal and cross profiles.

The DokaXdek table can lift slabs up to 112 cm in thickness. A special feature is the 12 cm height which saves space for easier storage and transportation. The low profile format also reflects Doka’s commitment to sustainability. Up to three times as many tables can be transported on a single truck than before, thus reducing CO2 emissions as well as saving time and money. The slab table from the DokaXdek family can be coupled modularly and seamlessly to all DokaXdek handset and Dokaflex systems.

The DokaXdek panel is a flexible and lightweight two-person handset formwork system that can be set up safely from the ground. It comprises a robust aluminium frame with a resistant powder coating and highly durable Xlife panel for many and, consistently good concrete results. The low weight and the size of 1 x 2 m make the system easy to handle, thereby improving safety and easing manual transportation around the construction site. The flexible support head can be mounted anywhere on the panel frame, and in combination with the Doka floor prop provides the necessary support.

In addition, the DokaXdek panel offers a great deal of flexibility in assembly. Panels can be erected lengthwise and crosswise, and can be swiveled up sideways. By adding just one other prop, the system can handle slab thicknesses of up to 40 cm in standard use and even up to 65 cm. The smart up-lift protection secures the panels and the entire system during handling and in windy conditions.

The DokaXdek I-frame represents a completely new innovation; its prototype was shown for the first time at bauma 2022. Weighing less than 15 kg, the I-frame delivers improved ergonomics and reduced physical strain for workers. It can be easily combined with the DokaXdek panel, and enables increased geometrical flexibility. It also comes with a flexible support head and an integrated uplift protection, for improved construction site safety, flexibility and ergonomics. The DokaXdek I-frame is planned to be on the market in 2023.

What’s more, Doka has taken a major step towards automation on the slab formwork construction site by developing the DokaXbot. A brand-new prototype of the unit was displayed at bauma. Safe and fast slab formwork erection for heights of up to 5.2 m and forming at the slab edge are now made simpler with the DokaXbot.

The DokaXbot is door-entry capable and therefore universally applicable. An operator pre-positions it in the correct location. The DokaXdek panels and DokaXdek I-frames are semi-automatically lifted to the selected height and placed in position. As a result, the DokaXbot reduces the workload of the site crew and in turn increases the crew’s safety and productivity.

“With the DokaXbot, we have a real game changer up our sleeve – slab forming will become more automated. In this way, we are unlocking new potential for our customers in terms of cost-effectiveness, while focusing more than ever on people and their needs in terms of ergonomics and safety,” said Mr Hauser.

According to Doka, the DokaXdek system, with the DokaXdek table and DokaXdek panel, will be available in Germany, Austria, Norway and Sweden from the end of 2022 and will roll out internationally in 2023.

All images: Doka