Dingli offers hybrid boom series

Chinese manufacturer Dingli has introduced an advanced version of its electric boom lifts, called the Range Extended series. It comes with a ‘mobile charger’ that can generate electricity when there is no external power supply on site.

This new hybrid boom series has been developed based on the same platform as the company’s existing electric range. It offers maximum working heights from 22 to 34 m and a maximum load of 454 kg, with an 80-V/420-Ah lithium battery pack.

The built-in universal range extender – or the mobile charger – enables the machine to generate electricity by itself when there are no external charging facilities on site. Combined with a tank of fuel, it charges the lithium battery pack and the machine can work up to 30 days.

The Range Extended boom series has two modes of auxiliary power supply. In manual mode, users can switch between pure electric or range extension mode; in automatic mode, the range extender automatically charges the machine when the power is below 30%, and stops generating power when it is above 90%.

Dingli said if charging facilities are available on site, the machine can be charged at any time and there is no need for the range extender option.