New Cat 333 excavator designed for simplicity and versatility

The new Cat 333 excavator from Caterpillar provides optimal performance with higher durability and enhanced comfort. The machine gives more digging force and increased bucket size, which helps tackle any job and improve the overall efficiency. A fuel-efficient hydraulic system and extended maintenance intervals reduce the overall costs. Reinforced structures and increased track width offer more stability and durability when working in tough applications.

Equipped with a Cat C7.1 engine, the Cat 333 has all the power needed to work with a wide range of materials and applications. There are two operating modes available on the machine: ‘Power’ and ‘Smart’ mode.

The Smart mode automatically matches the engine speed and hydraulic power to required digging conditions, providing up to 10% higher fuel savings in any application without compromising actual measured productivity. The high-efficiency electric fans cool the engine on demand to help minimise fuel consumption, and the auto reverse function makes it easy to keep cores clean.

The Cat 333 is also designed to extend the life of fuel, oil and air filters, and provides extended maintenance intervals and reduces the maintenance costs. The air intake filter with pre-cleaner has double the dust holding capacity of the previous air intake filter. The oil and fuel filters are grouped together and located on the right-hand side of the machine for easy maintenance.

The hydraulic oil filter provides improved filtration performance, anti-drain valves to keep oil clean when the filter is replaced, and longer life with a 3,000-hour replacement interval – 50% longer than previous filter designs. All the daily maintenance check points like engine oil, coolant level and hydraulic oil level can be easily checked from the ground level. S∙O∙S ports simplify maintenance and allow for quick, easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis.

The Cat 333 is able to operate in tough conditions. The excavator is fitted with reinforced booms, sticks and linkage to enhance durability. The increased track width of +150 mm gives more critical stability to work with large buckets or on uneven surfaces while still being within transport width requirements.

New features such as automatic hydraulic oil warm up enables the machine to work faster in colder temperature and prolong the component life. The grease lubricated track links reduce travel noise and prevent debris from entering to increase undercarriage life. The sloped track frame prevents mud and debris accumulation, decreasing risk of track damage and thus enhancing the reliability and durability.

The Cat 333 is also simple to operate and ensures excellent comfort by minimising operator fatigue and improves the overall operator efficiency and productivity. The engine can be simply started with a keyless push-to-start button, which reduces complexity. The cab offers a mechanically suspended adjustable seat, and all the controls are ergonomically positioned to minimise operator movements. The operator cab has a high-resolution 203-mm touchscreen monitor to view the machine information, which helps in navigation.

Furthermore, the Cat 333 is designed with safety in mind. The standard ROPS cab meets ISO requirements. It features smaller cab pillars, larger windows and a flat engine hood design that enables greater visibility into the trench and in each swing direction. The excavator is also equipped with a non-metallic fuel tanks, which increases the operators’ visibility to the right side of the machine and provides much easier three points of contact should personnel need to climb up to the upper platform.

The anti-skid punch plate on the service platform prevents slipping, and recessed bolt heads minimise tripping hazards. A ground-level shutoff switch stops all fuel to the engine when activated and shuts down the machine in emergency and enhances safety.