MyCrane to add world’s first universal access crane selection tool

The global digital platform for the search and selection of cranes, MyCrane, has recently commenced the testing of a new, universally accessible crane selection tool – which will be offered to the lifting industry at no cost. It is expected to go live in the first half of 2022.

This upcoming ‘MyCrane Selector’ tool will allow users to quickly and easily identify what crane should be used, as well as the crane’s capacity and optimum configuration. It will be an important part of the MyCrane platform.

The recently introduced MyCrane platform simplifies the process of crane rental procurement, allowing users to submit details of their lifting requirements in order to receive personalised quotes from a range of registered crane providers. Registration is free for both users and equipment rental companies. [Scroll down to watch demos of how to register.]

Andrei Geikalo, founder of MyCrane and former commercial director at heavy lift specialist Mammoet, highlighted the significance of the new MyCrane Selector tool, which is designed to “simplify the life of all those involved in the lifting industry.”

“The lifting of any cargo begins with defining the right crane and its configuration, based on the cargo characteristics and the position of the crane,” explained Mr Geikalo. “Each crane has a manufacturer’s crane chart which indicates the capacity of the crane in certain configurations, allowing the user to determine the length of the main boom, the length of the jib, the weight of the ballast and super-lift.

“Engineers at construction and lifting companies often have to make use of these charts and search for the right crane configuration manually, which is why a digital solution will prove to be so useful.”

He continued, “Our users simply need to insert the radius, the height of the lift, the dimensions and weight of the cargo, and they will get the right crane for their lift. MyCrane can also help if further engineering and method statements are required.

“We know that some companies are already using such a tool for their internal use, while others even charge for it, however we believe that this tool should be available for everybody in the lifting industry as a free cloud solution.”

Following the testing phase of the MyCrane Selector tool, the next step will be to integrate the lifting charts of as many cranes as possible into the system, so that clients around the world can choose the right cranes for their needs.

MyCrane therefore invites global crane manufacturers for cooperation by sharing their database of crane charts, both for those manufactured earlier and newly-built cranes.

Crane rental made easy

With MyCrane, customers can simply and quickly request a crawler, mobile or tower crane without having to rely on manual processes, such as calling suppliers or making multiple offline requests.

The service, operated in countries around the world by a network of local franchisees (with support from MyCrane’s head office team in Dubai), offers cranes with a capacity of between 6 and 750 t.
Besides the lifting services search, MyCrane features a number of other tools for the crane industry, including a Marketplace to advertise used equipment, rigging equipment, spare parts and auxiliaries, plus industry vacancies. 
Consultancy services, such as engineering for heavy lift projects, are offered on a truly independent basis, meaning clients are presented with a full range of solutions and service providers from the whole of the market, and the most cost-effective solution.

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