Manitowoc inaugurates new training centre in Pune, India

The latest Manitowoc Crane Care training centre has opened at the Potain manufacturing facility in Pune, India. Besides product-driven training, the facility also offers visitors a first-hand experience of The Manitowoc Way, the company’s business philosophy that focuses on velocity and innovation to deliver unmatched product quality in its cranes.

The training centre features three areas: one for hands-on crane training, another housing the simulators, and a dedicated classroom section. The simulators mirror the operational systems used by Potain cranes and enable trainees to deepen their knowledge of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical principles; practice troubleshooting procedures; and learn basic lessons on software programming. In combination, this enables those who take advantage of Crane Care training to provide quick and efficient service to their own clients.

“The training centre provides knowledge on the latest lifting technology to help customers and their technicians solve issues faster,” said Prashant Suryawanshi, managing director of Manitowoc Cranes India. “At Pune, we offer simulators for cranes such as the Potain MCT 85 and mechanisms such as the 60 LVF winch, to ensure trainees can provide higher uptime on jobsites through proper operation and maintenance of cranes on projects.”

“The training centre’s main goal is to familiarise technicians on how to use our Crane Care technical documentation and where to find answers to everyday questions so they can proactively address them,” added Mr Suryawanshi. “India has more than 2,000 Potain cranes in operation so this is the right time to enhance our training activities here.”

Manitowoc offers online and on-site training, as well as live training at its facilities around the world. In addition to the Pune facility, there are Crane Care training centres at a range of locations including Italy, France, China, UAE and Singapore.