Wirtgen pavers in action at new Yogyakarta International Airport

A fleet of Wirtgen slipform pavers has played a key role in the construction of new Yogyakarta International Airport in Indonesia. The airport reportedly started operations in May 2019 (Phase 1) with the first flight arriving from Jakarta, while the construction of the terminal is almost finished

When the entire project is fully completed, up to 20 million passengers will be able take off and land there each year. With a current terminal area of 130,000 sq m in the first phase, the new airport is set to replace Adisutjipto International Airport, which is struggling with capacity issues.

The tight schedule was a particular challenge for this large-scale project. Here, Wirtgen Singapore worked closely with its local dealer PT Gaya Makmur Tractors to deliver the concrete surfaces on time. They not only supplied the large fleet of machines required, but also provided technical support and on-site application consulting.

Four Wirtgen SP 64 machines, six SP 500 machines, and one SP 84i machine formed the final line-up for the high-precision, cost-effective paving of the 3,250-m-long, 45-m-wide runway, its taxiways, and the apron.

The 50-cm-thick concrete layer was paved across a width of 2 m, 5 m, or 6 m, depending on the area involved. During the process, dowels, which were prepositioned on reinforcement cages spaced at transverse intervals of 30 cm, and a wire grid were integrated in the concrete as additional reinforcements.

“The quality of the concrete surfaces is excellent,” said Andek Prabowo, CEO of PT PP Presisi Tbk Group of PT PP (Persero) Tbk. “The machines also excelled across the board in terms of their performance. The airport is set to grow by another 65,000 sq m during the second phase of construction. The landing runway will also be extended by another 350 m.” When the time comes, the fleet of Wirtgen slipform pavers will once again be ready for action.