Liebherr expands L1 fast-erecting crane series

Liebherr has expanded its L1 series of fast-erecting cranes with the new L1-32, featuring a 4-t maximum capacity. This model has a maximum radius of 30 m and still lifts 1,050 kg at the jib head. It has a standard hook height of 21.3 m. With these features, the L1-32 is ideal for the construction of larger detached and semi-detached properties as well as smaller apartment blocks.

The L1-32 crane, with its low-speed axle and 5 t of basic ballast plus 10 t of additional ballast, can be transported to a site via a standard three-axle towing vehicle. As a result, the crane is fully deployable – with only a small adjustment of the load curve needed for a jib head load and maximum lifting capacity of 1,050 kg or 4 t. For unrestricted use, extra 2 t of ballast is required so it’s 17 t of ballast in total.

In connection with the low ballast weight, the crane’s slewing radius is also significantly low at only 2.2 m. The support dimensions are almost as compact as those of the L1-24 at 4 x 4 m.

Equipped with the Speed2Lift system, loads can be lifted in two-line operation with the help of a powerful FC hoist gear motor, meaning that re-reeving is not required. Therefore, the L1-32 crane can always be operated at a maximum hoist speed.

With the Micromove fine positioning mode, the operator is able to accurately and safely position heavy loads, like prefabricated concrete elements. Further functions such as the ABB operating-range limiting system, oscillation damping and wind force moment control ensure increased site safety. Added to this are comfort functions including radio remote control with colour display, which provides the crane operator with all relevant information at a glance.

The Liebherr L1-32 fast-erecting crane is scheduled to be available worldwide from autumn 2019 (around September onwards).

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