Ammann plays role in major road project in Southeast Asia

An Ammann ABC 140 SolidBatch asphalt plant has helped build a road in Thailand, connecting local communities to a major new highway in Southeast Asia.

The new road links Kanchanaburi Province in western Thailand to the Southern Economic Corridor, which runs from Myanmar through Thailand and Cambodia – and eventually to two ports in Vietnam.

“This project is big in terms of value and an important long-term boost to the Thai economy," said Niyom Lertprasert, plant operation manager for Tamaka Asphaltic Company, which handles many roadbuilding projects for various divisions of the Thai government.

“The Ammann plant has very advanced technology that was needed to produce the mix on this project,” he added. In particular, he praised Ammann's proprietary as1 Control System.

“The as1 software recorded production data and showed the precise total weight of hot mix to be paved,” said Mr Lertprasert. “It's a very good, advanced system. The software can give us good reports about fuel consumption and operations.”

Tamaka benefitted from a 50-t hot-mix silo, a key option the company is glad it purchased. “This hot-mix silo saved us in terms of truck management and optimising the total number of trucks used,” delighted Mr Lertprasert.

The new road connecting local Thai communities to the corridor is now complete and provides improved access to businesses along this trade route.