Indonesian company relies on Volvo EC200D excavator

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, the logistics company PT Escorindo Jasa Prima has supplied equipment and services to a variety of customers across the country. Among its latest projects is for a cement producer that operates a quarry in West Java.

At the quarry, minerals need to be mined before being transported to a cement mixing plant onsite. To help with this aspect, the quarry owner turned to PT Escorindo Jasa Prima, which then selected a Volvo EC200D excavator for the task.

The machine is expected to put in 16-hour daily shifts. Its short cycle times enable it to dig clay, limestone and shale with great efficiency and load them into waiting trucks. Afterwards, they are transported to a cement mixing plant, which produces up to 5.5 mil t of cement annually.

The EC200D proved an instant success, performing so efficiently that the cement producer expanded the workscope of PT Escorindo Jasa Prima. As a result, the company ordered four more EC200D excavators - one of them will be deployed to the quarry, while the other three will be sent to other sites. Besides supporting mining activity, the additional EC200D unit to be deployed to the quarry will also help manage stockpiles of minerals.

“After our customer saw how the EC200D was contributing to the productivity of the quarry and the cement mixing plant, we started talking about similar logistics services for some of their other sites,” explained Oggy Hargiyanto, managing director at PT Escorindo Jasa Prima. “After those discussions, we went back to our Volvo dealer PT Indotruck Utama and ordered four additional EC200D excavators.

“The hopper at the cement plant can handle 100 t per hour of minerals. When it’s at capacity, then the surplus minerals have to be stockpiled in a yard near the plant. The EC200D’s job at the yard will be mainly material handling: arranging the stockpiles and conveying them to the hopper when capacity frees up.”

Speed and versatility are just two of the EC200D’s many attributes. With a typical shift involving various tasks around the site, the fuel efficiency and operator comfort of the excavator stand out.

“When the four new EC200Ds arrive, our fleet of excavators will have more than doubled. Having started this fleet with other brands, the EC200D has really convinced us that Volvo is the way to go. In addition to speed and versatility, the machine also delivers fuel efficiency and operator comfort,” said Mr Hargiyanto.

The EC200D was launched at the start of 2018 and is said to be the fastest excavator in the 20-t class. It offers exceptionally high swing torque and outstanding lifting capabilities, making it ideal for general construction work. The machine is configured with a 5.7 m boom, 2.9 m arm and 0.8 cu m bucket.

PT Escorindo Jasa Prima also has offices in Narogong, West Java; Cilacap, Central Java; and Tuban, East Java.