Goldhofer ADDrive for safe and efficient transport

The ADDrive 2.0 heavy-duty module from Goldhofer can be used in both self-propelled and towed modes. With an axle load of 6 x 36.1 t, the vehicle has a loading height of 1,175 mm, loading length of 9,000 mm and loading platform width of 3,000 mm. Its payload is approximately 191.1 t.

Compared with the previous generation, the power of the ADDrive 2.0 has been almost doubled to 530 hp. The vehicle has a tractive power of 504 kN and delivers speeds of up to 50 km/hr in the ADD mode. The increase in the tractive power has been achieved by having additional drive axles, said Goldhofer.

As with the previous generation, the drive can be controlled via a radio remote, which offers a choice of driving modes. Depending on the operating situation, the drive can be connected or disconnected and the module moved with or without the assistance of a tractor.

The ADDrive incorporates an electronic braking system, which also functions in combination with ABS modules to help provide maximum safety. When the vehicle is not in the self-propelled but towed mode, there is no oil flow within the hydro-mechanical drive system, thus preventing overheating in the drive unit and minimising wear. 

The ADDrive can be easily installed in trailer and semi-trailer combinations and can also be combined with drop decks and long-load turntables. Modules can be coupled together to form longitudinal and parallel combinations and synchronised with other Goldhofer ADDrive modules.