Vermeer machines ideal for utility installation

The Vermeer SPX25 vibratory plow is designed for fast and efficient cable/fibre and irrigation system installation. It features a full-function remote control that gives the operator a 360-degree view of the jobsite. The machine offers a transport speed of 6 km/hr.

“For applications like installing cable or fibre-to-the-home, contractors can face several challenges like narrow gates, fences and common backyard obstacles,” explained Ed Savage, product manager at Vermeer. “The SPX25 plow minimises those concerns. We’ve eliminated the need for operators to run the machine from behind, which means they can stand in whatever location gives them the best view. This design has also allowed us to make the plow even more compact for excellent performance in tight areas.”

The 25 hp Kohler gas engine provides the SPX25 with ample power for installing small pipes and cables at depths up to 30.5 cm, as well as for boring underneath driveways and sidewalks using the optional Porta Bore attachment. The dual rubber tracks with a ground pressure of 3.7 psi delivers great floatation in soft ground conditions and helps reduce jobsite restoration after an install.

For efficient turning, while installing utilities around obstacles, the SPX25 is fitted with a pivot-mounted plow with a 55-degree swing angle that automatically adjusts when turning. An optional reel carrier can be mounted to the machine, minimising the amount of jobsite equipment and labour needed on the jobsite. Contractors also have the option of adding a weight kit for improved traction when working in hard ground conditions.

In addition, the Vermeer S925 mini skid steer provides a tip capacity of 1,198.8 kg, rated operating capacity of 419.6 kg and maximum hinge pin height reach of 214.6 cm. The machine features a dual auxiliary system, which allows the operator to switch between high flow for ground-engaging attachments and low flow for maximum control. It is also equipped with a universal mounting plate that fits a broad range of Vermeer-approved attachments.

“With the S925TX model, we’ve designed a machine that can deliver a higher lifting performance than most other machines in the compact utility loader segment while still maintaining a compact size and impressive hydraulic attachment wielding performance,” said Jon Kuyers, senior global products manager at Vermeer.

The S925TX is available in three smooth-running, high-torque, four-cylinder engine options, including a 24.8 hp Kubota V1505 diesel engine, 40 hp Kubota WG1605 gas engine and 35.1 hp Kubota V1505 diesel engine offered only for international markets. Contractors can further customise the machine with either 17.8-cm-wide tracks that produce 5 psi of ground pressure or 22.9-cm-wide tracks with 4 psi of ground pressure for better floatation.

The S925TX has a travel speed of 6.6 km/hr and it is also built with a chariot-style platform for optimum operator comfort, and pilot-operated ground drive to help the user maintain smooth control on the jobsite, as well as in tight areas.