Comansa 21LC1050 flat-top crane ideal for heavy lifting

Available worldwide since September 2018, Comansa 21LC1050 flat-top crane can load up to 50 t, has a maximum radius of 80 m, and is designed to provide excellent performance in large industrial or infrastructure projects as well as in construction with heavy precast or steel structures, including PPVC (prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction).

The 21LC1050 features high-speed hoist mechanisms (up to 300 m/min) and capacity for 1,570 m of wire rope, making it also an ideal solution for high-rise construction. Thanks to the single-double trolley system with automatic reeving change, the 21LC1050 offers an optimised load diagram. Working with the simple (or front) trolley, the crane improves its tip loading capacity and reaches higher hoist speeds; while with the double trolley (front plus rear), it can work with the heaviest loads.

A new modular counterjib has been developed for the 21LC1050, which allows up to six different configurations to suit the needs of each job and increase safety. Thus, when the crane is assembled with a maximum jib length (80 m), the counterjib radius is 31 m - and it can be reduced to 27 m when the jib length is 50 m. In addition, the 21LC1050 is fitted with Comansa’s XL-size Cube cab, the largest from the company, ensuring high productivity thanks to its fully glazed front and enhanced comfort for the operator.