Indeco HP Fuel Saving hammers combine maximum productivity with minimum energy consumption

The HP Fuel Saving hydraulic hammers from Indeco combine maximum productivity with energy savings. They consume up to 20% less fuel compared to models from other manufacturers, with weight and performance being equal, said Indeco. This benefit can be achieved thanks to the upgraded hydraulic system, which allows the hydraulic power to be optimised and the engine speed of the operating machine to be reduced.

Such feature is even more clear-cut when comparing the Indeco hammer with gas or gas-oil powered hammers. The HP series has a single moving part, the distributor, in line with the piston. The internal oil distribution system has no grooves, no direction changes, no diameter reduction and an almost total absence of seals. All this means an extremely efficient hydraulic action with low friction.

The exact opposite occurs in gas-powered hammers, which have a distributor located away from the piston, divided into two or more parts, a complex hydraulic distribution arrangement and a large number of seals. These are the characteristics that cause an inevitable loss of energy and which, consequently, require working at high pressure and consuming more fuel.

The automatic speed-energy impact variation system is another highlight of Indeco hydraulic hammers, which are capable of adapting to the hardness of the rock, thereby making the best use of the impact energy to the advantage of productivity.

In a recent comparison of real data on the running costs of Indeco’s largest demolition hammer, the HP 18000 Fuel Saving, and of its gas-powered counterpart, the company notes that the HP 18000 Fuel Saving hammer requires 18.3% less energy to achieve the same results. This translates into a saving of 22,200 l of fuel per year. So, if the combustion of just one litre of diesel produces approximately 2.3 kg of CO2, in this specific case, the Fuel Saving technology delivers a reduction in emissions equal to 50,600 kg of CO2 per year.