New online marketplace for global green building community
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Zureli is a new global online marketplace for green building products, services and technology. It connects members of the building and construction industry, providing them with ideas and information to help them achieve sustainability goals, as well as creating a community focusing on the sector.

“Zureli’s mission is to create a one-stop shop where products, services and technology that have a positive impact on buildings, society and the environment in particular, are available. We want to champion the green building movement and create a commercial focal point for it,” said Seb Worthington, CEO of Zureli.

Founded in December 2015 in Singapore, Zureli aims to bring together developers, architects, engineers, contractors, business owners, consultants and others who operate in the green building sector. Visitors to the website will be able to browse through a broad range of relevant products and services covering building, renewable energy, construction and other vertical markets as the platform develops. There is also a social networking function on the site as well as industry news, peer-to-peer reviews and more.

Users subscribe to Zureli’s website for a modest fee that is tiered depending on a particular user’s needs. Subscribers also make a green contribution of their own, with Zureli pledging to plant up to five trees per month depending on a subscriber’s selected package. This is managed through leading environmental organisation, Trees for the Future. For a limited time, however, as part of Zureli’s promotional launch, users can register for a free account, which will allow them to list a product or service at no cost for the first three months.

“In light of recent environmental initiatives – both proposed and implemented – and landmark events such as the UN Paris Agreement, the transition to a low carbon economy is unstoppable. We see an irrepressible shift towards green building practices and it is also an exciting opportunity to engage with this rapidly growing and very important industry,” said Cash van Halder, COO of Zureli.

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