Liduro Power Port: Liebherr’s mobile energy storage system

The Liduro Power Port (LPO) from Liebherr is a battery-based, mobile energy storage system ideal for use on construction sites. It enables the operation and charging of hybrid or fully electric construction equipment with zero local emissions. This new solution was recently presented to the global trade media during the 2023 Liebherr press tour, which was held on 6-7 November.

Liebherr said that starting from 2024, the LPO will have power ranges of up to 160 kW/ kWh. It can be charged at up to 32 A and deliver power to loads via multiple connections that can be used simultaneously: 16 A / 32 A / 63 A / 125 A. The LPO can also be charged and discharged at the same time. The energy and condition monitoring is managed via the local control and, additionally, via a remotely available app for smartphones and tablets.

The LPO can supplement an insufficient grid connection or be deployed as an isolated grid when there is no grid connection on the jobsite. According to Liebherr, by using the LPO as a supplement to the grid connection, the dimensioning of the grid connection power can be significantly reduced, as the energy storage unit covers the load peaks of the machines.

What’s more, the LPO can be transported easily with an optional trailer chassis or standard trailers. On site, if required, it can be moved by crane or excavator, using suspension points; and lifted and moved from all sides by a forklift. The basic dimensions of the LPO are 2,434 x 1,520 x 1,433 mm (L x W x H) or 3,903 x 2,031 x 1,899 mm with a trailer.

*A quick overview of the 2023 Liebherr global press tour can be seen in this video below.