Tadano to acquire Nagano Industry

Tadano has entered into an agreement to acquire all the shares of Nagano Industry Co Ltd with its shareholders.

Founded in 1968, Nagano Industry is a renowned manufacturer of self-propelled crawler aerial work platforms in Japan, with sales of 5.6 billion yen in 2022. The company’s products are highly specialised and used in a wide range of fields, including construction and civil engineering, as well as factories, shipbuilding and maintenance sites.

At the same time, Tadano manufactures aerial work platforms that meet the diverse needs of its customers. This new acquisition will enhance the company’s ability to deliver a broader range of solutions, as Tadano will now be able to include self-propelled aerial work vehicles in its product offerings – a category in high demand worldwide.

With a market share of over 30% in Japan for truck-mounted aerial work platforms, Tadano is poised to leverage Nagano’s advanced development and manufacturing technologies to fuel further growth in the aerial work vehicle business.