CREAM secures RM1 mil research grant from YTL Cement to spearhead sustainable construction in Malaysia

YTL Cement has awarded a RM1 million research grant to the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM), a subsidiary of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia.

This grant follows a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two organisations in April this year, highlighting their shared mission to achieve construction excellence and support of the industry’s transition to sustainable construction.

CREAM and YTL Cement signed the MOU to collaborate in developing the local construction industry’s workforce, research and innovation, as well as enhance the understanding and adoption of sustainable construction practices among industry players.

Dato’ Sri Michael Yeoh, managing director of YTL Cement and co-chair of the MOU steering committee, said, “As a company that has been assisting with the development of Malaysia for over 70 years, we know the importance of investing in our nation’s progress while simultaneously addressing our construction needs in a sustainable manner.

“The RM1 million research grant reflects our steadfast dedication to supporting CREAM’s efforts in promoting industry growth with well-trained personnel, championing research and development, and advancing sustainable construction practices."

Dato’ Sr Mohd Zaid Zakaria, chief executive of CIDB and co-chair of the steering committee, added, “CIDB has been championing a socially and environmentally responsible construction industry in Malaysia. However, we cannot do it alone, as partnerships with industry stakeholders and key players are paramount in making our sustainable transition a reality.

“The collaboration between YTL Cement and CREAM represents a significant stride towards reshaping the construction industry as their efforts are crucial to accelerating change among construction industry players.”

The RM1 million research grant will be channelled to kickstart three main initiatives:

  1. Construction personnel development
    CREAM and YTL Cement will jointly design training and accreditation programmes for youths to be certified as concrete technicians and batchers. It is hoped that this will assist in attracting, retaining and growing skilled workers in the construction industry.

  2. Research and development (R&D)
    CREAM will work together with YTL Cement’s team of experts to conduct R&D on lower embodied carbon alternatives in materials and construction methods.

  3. Support the construction sector’s transition to sustainable construction
    CREAM and YTL Cement are collaborating to facilitate the adoption of sustainable construction practices in Malaysia.

Ir. M. Ramuseren, CEO of CREAM, highlighted, “We aspire to be a globally recognised institute for research and development that drives quality, innovation, technology and skills towards achieving sustainability in the construction industry. In realising this, YTL Cement’s research grant has played a significant role in further empowering our research capabilities and efforts to meet the evolving demands of Malaysia’s construction industry.”