2-in-1 crusher: Rockster R1100DS can easily transform from impact to jaw crusher

The R1100DS tracked impact crusher from Rockster features an innovative Duplex System, which was developed by the company in 2004. It enables interchangeable crushing units on one basic machine. In this case, the impact crushing chamber can be lifted and in its place a jaw crushing chamber installed.

How does it work?

All Rockster crushers are equipped with a diesel engine and a hydrostatic drive. The latter is what makes a difference and enables the Duplex System to work.

The hydrostatic system is located at the rear of the machine and is enclosed in a soundproofed housing. The hydraulic pump is built directly onto the engine drive, which activates the crusher via a V-belt drive, while the additional hydraulics (for main conveyor, side conveyor, vibration chute and crawler gear) are driven via the auxiliary drives. Because the rotor for the impactor runs in a forward direction and the jaw crusher in reverse, precisely due to the hydrostatic drive, it makes it possible to change the direction of rotation, hence install both crushing units on one machine. 

Other advantages of the hydrostatic drive include individual adaptation of the crusher speed and thus optimum adjustment of the screening curve. The conventional clutch is eliminated, which means no wear and most importantly, the hydrostatic pressure adjusts to the power requirements of the crusher, resulting in a highly constant crushing performance and the diesel engine always stays within the optimum speed range.

Full flexibility

Thanks to its Duplex System and compact dimensions, the Rockster R1100DS is ideal for recycling construction and demolition waste as well as for processing natural stone. Powered by a C9.3 Cat engine, the crusher has an optional circular screen box and a double-functional return or stockpile belt to produce a 100% defined final end-product.

The R1100DS is also designed for simple service and maintenance. Its large engine bay openings enable easy access to the inner workings of the crusher.

Based in Austria, Rockster offers tracked impact and jaw crushers, tracked screening machinery as well as stackers and feeder conveyors. The company has been involved in various global projects and its products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.