Ampd Energy partners Aver Asia in bid to replace diesel generators and cut carbon emissions at Singapore construction sites

Ampd Energy has teamed up with Aver Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation, in a move aimed at displacing thousands of diesel generators and reducing carbon emissions at construction sites across Singapore.

Despite pandemic constraints, Ampd Energy has successfully deployed over 40 units of its battery energy storage system (BESS) across more than 25 construction sites in Singapore, continuing to ramp up its business in the country through Aver Asia.

Ampd Energy’s BESS – called the ‘Enertainer’ – is a next-generation alternative to diesel generators which are commonly used at construction sites. These diesel generators are known to be highly pollutive, releasing not just carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but also air pollutants and excessive noise.

The Enertainer, on the other hand, is a plug-and-play, fully automated, fully electric battery system that can power the most demanding construction tasks including moving heavy equipment like cranes, hoists and welders. It is much cleaner to operate with up to 90% lower carbon emissions, up to 99% lower air quality emissions, and 30 times quieter noise levels, according to Ampd Energy.

The 40 Enertainers operating in Singapore today prevent over 8,000 t of carbon dioxide emissions from the real estate and construction sector each year. Ampd Energy believes that at scale, the Enertainer can eliminate 400,000 t of carbon dioxide every year from the construction sector alone – comparable to the emissions of 160,000 four-room HDB flats.

According to statistics from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the building sector accounts for one-fifth of all carbon emissions in the country, and sustainable construction has gained urgency in recent years with the government implementing a host of measures including Green Mark certification and grants, to help the industry go clean and green.

Aver Asia, a major equipment rental company based in Singapore, has been serving the construction, infrastructure, marine, offshore, and oil and gas sectors in Southeast Asia for the last 24 years.

Brandon Ng, co-founder and CEO of Ampd Energy, and Ben Koh, CEO of Aver Asia, signed an agreement in Singapore on Monday (16 October) which will see Aver Asia handle both rental and sales of the Ampd Enertainer in Singapore.

Mr Ng said, “We are delighted to partner with Aver Asia to expand our reach within Singapore. Replacing diesel-powered generators with our battery energy storage system is the quickest and most effective solution to achieving sustainability targets. Together with Aver Asia, we will not only be speeding up the decarbonisation of construction, we are also raising productivity and supporting Singapore’s net zero targets.”

“With Aver Asia’s proven track record, we are assured that our existing and new customers in Singapore will now have easier access to our unique solution to make their construction clean and quiet,” added Mr Ng. He further mentioned that Aver Asia was chosen as Ampd Energy’s partner due to its strong reputation in innovation, sustainability and customer service.

Aver Asia’s Mr Koh commented, “We are proud to be chosen as the exclusive distributor for the Ampd Enertainer in Singapore. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to greener practices, benefitting both businesses and the environment. Through our extensive network, we hope to raise awareness of the Enertainer and drive down carbon emissions in construction.”

Customers can now rent or buy the Enertainer, which Ampd Energy said can be operated viably in Singapore without subsidy or grants. The company also pointed out that most users can enjoy operational cost savings of 10 to 40% by switching.

All images: Ampd Energy