Vermeer HG6800TX horizontal grinder for large-scale land clearing work

Site clearance is often required before work can begin on a new construction project. For this, Vermeer offers the HG6800TX horizontal grinder to help large-scale land-clearing contractors maximise productivity and efficiency. The machine has been engineered to produce large volumes of ground materials.

With a 950 hp (708 kW) engine, this 41,730.5-kg-class grinder is powerful, compact and manoeuvrable with 26-in-wide double grouser track pads and travel speeds of 4.5 kph. An optional DT6 integrated dolly transport system is available to eliminate the need for trailering the machine when moving locations.

The infeed on the HG6800TX grinder is designed with low sidewalls to help the operator load material into the machine more easily. This features enables larger loads to be dropped on the infeed with less interaction and manipulation of the material, so the operator can drop the load and focus on the next one.

The HG6800TX features the Series III duplex hard-faced drum. In addition to providing long-lasting durability, maintenance time is decreased with the ability to remove and flip or replace single hammers, as well as being able to externally balance the drum.

The grinder is also equipped with Vermeer SmartFeed and the Thrown Object Deflector (TOD) technology. SmartFeed optimises machine performance and production electronically and allows the operator to focus on loading raw product and move finished product about the jobsite. This function stops and reverses material from feeding into the hammermill when engine rpm’s drop below efficient operating range.

The TOD decreases the quantity and distance of thrown objects, which enables the machine to be operated in a smaller ‘safe’ work zone. This function is hinged and can be raised or lowered with the remote control depending upon grinding applications.

Remote operation allows the operator to engage tracks for onsite manoeuvrability and view and change a variety of settings during operation while monitoring various engine parameters from inside the loader cab or in a remote location.

An optional Damage Defense system is also offered on the HG6800TX grinder that can help reduce the likelihood of major machine damage caused by certain metal contaminants entering the hammermill.