Vermeer pile driver for solar farm construction projects

The Vermeer PD10R pile driver is ideal for use on solar farm construction projects. It can be equipped with automated machine positioning technology, resulting in higher productivity throughout the construction process.

With the point-to-point (PTP) system, the PD10R can reposition itself automatically using onboard GPS. After driving a pile, the machine operator presses a button and the remote-control operated PD10R travels and aligns itself to drive the next pile. [Scroll down to watch a video of PD10R in action.]

This automation technology helps ease the pile-driving process by reducing the number of operational steps involved with moving the machine during construction of solar farms.

“Hundreds of piles need to be driven before racking is assembled and solar panels can be placed, and exact pile positioning is crucial,” explained Ed Savage, product manager at Vermeer. “The optional point-to-point technology package for the PD10R further enhances existing PD10R auto-plumb and auto-target features.

“Now, with the push of a button, pile driver operators can allow the PD10R to automatically track to the next pile location. When using this automation technology, operator input is reduced by eight steps, which also helps optimise new operator training.”

Vermeer highlighted that, while the technology incorporated into its pile drivers significantly minimises the steps involved in driving piles on solar projects, the PTP system takes things to another level.

The PTP system works by syncing GPS coordinates with a digital project map of identified pile sites. After a pile is installed, the automation technology recognises the next waypoint (pile location) on the map, then moves and positions itself into alignment.

In addition, the PD10R PTP model is equipped with bump bars on each end that disengage machine movement when it encounters an obstacle.