RTG Rammtechnik and Techne develop track-bound pile driver

RTG Rammtechnik GmbH, a member of Bauer Maschinen Group, has developed a track-bound drilling rig and pile driver in collaboration with Leipzig-based company Techne and with the assistance of Hering Bau GmbH & Co KG.

According to Bauer, in the future, this equipment will make it possible to implement foundation types and depths that previously seemed unviable for the track.

The overall system is comprised primarily of the base carrier with leader based on an RTG RG 18 S, one flat carriage to support the leader, and another flat carriage for the transport and setup of the attachment parts. When the leader is raised, the equipment reaches a constructional height of approximately 23 m.

The leader has a main winch with 170 kN, a pull-down winch with 200 kN, and an auxiliary winch with 55 kN. A mast inclination of 5° in all directions can be achieved during operation to compensate the formation level.

In addition, the leader can be swiveled by 90° around the axis of the telescoping arm on either side, so it can always be brought into the desired operating position with respect to the upper carriage. The leader arm can be telescoped up to 2 m. The connection is bolted hydraulically. The telescopic boom allows rapid and precise positioning at the operating point.

This new machine has a transport length of roughly 15 m and operates on a track width of 1,435 mm. The transport weight is below 110 t, which enables transport without approval. The upper carriage protrudes a maximum of 1.55 m from the track axis, which means that traffic can continue on the adjacent track.

Between the leader and the main equipment, only the hydraulic lines are permanently connected in transport position. This concept enables transport as a normal railway vehicle. The connection between the telescopic arm and leader is bolted and then loosened for transport and storing the leader, or tightened for mounting the leader. In transport position, the equipment height is less than 4.30 m.

From pile construction to the installation of sheet pile walls, to soil mixing techniques and soil improvement, all methods that are possible with a conventional RG pile driver can be  implemented within a wide work front of more than 9 m from the track axis. The base carrier allows for continuous rotation of 360° around the upper carriage axis. The operator can control all functions of the upper carriage and undercarriage from the operator’s cab.

Furthermore, all operating functions of the machine can be controlled from the outside using a wireless remote control. As a result, the operator does not necessarily have to remain in the operator’s cab. This facilitates handling under restricted or difficult operating conditions.

“A track-bound machine with these specific performance characteristics is unique on the world market,” said Bernhard Lindermair, managing director of RTG Rammtechnik GmbH. “In addition, the equipment can be used during shutdowns, as setup and operation is possible with an installed overhead line. The first client-owned equipment will be implemented at a jobsite in March 2023.”

All images: Bauer Group