Dingli expands oil-free & all-electric series with large-wheel scissors

Dingli has added two mini scissor lift models – the JCPT0607PAH and JCPT0708PAH – to its oil-free & all-electric series. Equipped with large wheels, these units are compact, flexible and light in weight.

The whole oil-free & all-electric series has no hydraulic system. It uses electric actuators for lifting, lowering and steering, instead of traditional hydraulic oil cylinders.

The first nine models of the series have been launched earlier this year. They feature a maximum working height of 10 m and maximum load of 450 kg, delivering benefits such as low energy consumption, high safety, easy maintenance, greater comfort and more environment-friendly, among others.

According to Dingli, these newly introduced mini oil-free & all-electric scissor lifts can handle more complex working conditions. Their large wheels provide a better ability to overcome obstacles. The units can also enter and exit elevators easily, and they are specifically designed for working at height in the building mezzanine.

Another advantage is simple maintenance. With no hydraulic system, it avoids system problems like valve core stuck, oil leakage, oil change, or high- and low-temperature efficiency reduction. The maintenance-free, permanent magnet synchronous motor and AGM battery significantly reduce maintenance costs.

The JCPT0607PAH and JCPT0708PAH feature low energy consumption. The total transmission efficiency of the direct motor drive systems can reach up to 95%, resulting in more than 30% energy saving compared with the traditional hydraulic system, said Dingli.

Furthermore, the scissor lifts have higher levels of water and dust resistance, with built-in position sensors and real-time data monitoring of the full stroke. The drive system enables temperature, load and variable torque control, thus increasing safety.

Both units also deliver greater comfort, as the full stroke proportional control eliminates the jitter caused by self-gravity lowering of the hydraulic system.

The oil-free & all-electric series from Dingli offers maximum working heights from 5 to 16 m, with maximum loads of between 230 and 450 kg.