Auger Torque forms manufacturing and distribution partnership in Thailand

In an ongoing effort to increase product availability, regional fabrication capability and technical support, global manufacturer of earthmoving attachments Auger Torque has established a regional manufacturing and distribution partnership with TC Brothers Thailand.

According to Auger Torque, TC Brothers Thailand has an exceptional facility and is capable of manufacturing anything within the Auger Torque range alongside specific custom-made parts. TC Brothers keeps a large amount of standard Auger Torque products in stock and has direct access to the factory locations within the region.

“I believe that TC Brothers’ commitment, first-class manufacturing facility, stock on the ground, engineering staff, sales team, English language capability and location put them in a position to serve and support existing dealers and customers in the region at an extremely high level,” said Kelvin Hamilton, managing director at Auger Torque Australia.

Auger Torque sees this partnership as a great way to improve the speed, service and support of its growing dealer network and number of customers using its attachments within the region.

Note: Any parties interested in becoming a dealer, please contact Auger Torque or TC Brothers directly.