Tadano GR-1100EX-3 used on government building project in Philippines

Philippine construction company Geo-Transport & Construction Inc has expanded its fleet with the acquisition of four Tadano cranes, including one GR-1100EX-3 and three GR-800EX-3 models.

For years, Geo-Transport & Construction has embarked on construction projects for both government infrastructure projects and private industrial facilities in cities across the Philippines.

In a recent government building project in Cavite, a province in the Calabarzon region in Luzon with 4.3 million residents, the company turned to its Tadano GR-1100EX-3 rough terrain crane for its lifting needs.

“The GR-1100EX-3 is a good, high-performance crane,” said Geo representatives, noting its specs and solid 110-t lifting capacity.

On this urban jobsite, the crane had to operate within a confined space amid tight surroundings. Fortunately, the versatility and transportability of the GR-1100EX-3 allowed Geo to load and transport the crane using one trailer loaded with the tractor head and one convoy truck.

Tadano said the GR-1100EX-3’s compact carrier is almost the same size as the GR-800EX-3, making it one of the most manoeuvrable cranes in its capacity.

The trip from nearby Tagaytay to the site location in Trece Martires took four hours. About 30 minutes were each required to load and unload the crane; two riggers at the new project site were able to set up the crane and have it ready for operation in about 40 minutes.

Given the restricted space and need for efficient operation, the GR-1100EX-3’s AML-C automatic moment limiter proved useful. The AML-C system lets the crane operator navigate lifting capacity changes without the need to adjust configurations or codes to accomplish a lift, enhancing safety and saving significant time.

From February to April this year, Geo-Transport & Construction used the GR-1100EX-3 to lift construction materials and parts of tower cranes safely and efficiently.

According to Geo-Transport & Construction, “The job is way better” with the Tadano GR-1100EX-3 and “all of the features of the crane allowed good performance.”