Tadano harmonises telescopic boom crawler crane model names

After harmonising the global nomenclature of its all-terrain cranes (AC) and lattice boom crawler cranes (CC) in the second half of 2021, Tadano continues its OneTadano strategy by announcing a global harmonisation of the nomenclature of its telescopic boom crawler cranes (GTC).

Tadano will begin to harmonise all its GTC crane model names worldwide by adapting to the nomenclature used in the American market. Accordingly model names in the US will not change.

The following model nomenclature updates for products sold outside the American market will take place later this year:

  • The Tadano GTC-350EX will change to GTC-350

  • The Tadano GTC-500EX will change to GTC-550

  • The Tadano GTC-600EX will change to GTC-700

  • The Tadano GTC-800EX will change to GTC-900

  • The Tadano GTC-1200EX will change to GTC-1300

  • The Tadano GTC-1800EX will change to GTC-2000 (immediately)


The new Tadano GTC‑1800EX telescopic boom crawler crane (which is changed to the GTC-2000) is popular with customers worldwide, and the high demand it generated ensured that the model would become an immediate success the moment it became available in November 2020, revealed Tadano.

One of the largest telescopic boom crawler cranes in the market, the Tadano GTC-1800EX features fully self-rigging operation and a powerful maximum load moment of 585 tonne-meters. With its strong load chart and lifting capabilities, the GTX-1800EX delivers the lifting capacity of 200-tonne class cranes in multiple configurations.

Due to the tremendous success and positive customer feedback, Tadano has now announced that it will be upgrading the crane to the 200-tonne class. “Customers kept telling us that their experience in the field showed that in several configurations, the GTC‑1800EX had a performance potential that far exceeded its class,” said product manager Vincent Stenger. “Therefore, we are renaming the model to the GTC-2000 for all markets to better align with the crane’s lifting capacities.”

For existing GTC-1800EX models in the field, Tadano will offer customers a kit to upgrade these cranes to the GTC-2000. The field kit comes complete with upgraded software that also provides new load charts for 0- and 180-degree operation. In addition, it includes new crane documentation, manuals, decals and nameplate.

Tadano plans to exhibit the GTC-2000 telescopic boom crawler crane at bauma 2022 this October (stand number FS 1205).