Snorkel Onsite telematics solution now available

Powered by Trackunit, Snorkel OnSite is a full-service telematics solution that is available on most current Snorkel mobile elevating work platforms and telehandlers, many of which are now telematics-ready featuring a compatible connection for the telematics module.

Available globally, Snorkel OnSite can be optioned at the time of ordering for factory-install, or for field-installation by an authorised Snorkel dealer or service centre. Snorkel offers a choice of telematics subscriptions, including a Direct Data and API package that can feed data from Snorkel lifts directly into a customer’s existing telematics dashboard, and also a Data and Dashboard package which includes access to a Trackunit-branded dashboard where a customer can access Snorkel machine data, as well as feed in other products from other brands.

Subscription packages are offered in a choice of either 24-months or 60-months, and an optional access keypad with RFID capabilities is available. The type of data that can be accessed in Snorkel products is based on whether the unit is CAN bus or Non-CAN bus, but generally includes key information such as the machine status (on/off), machine hours, the machine’s physical location, and the battery charge level.

Access to real-time information provides opportunity for improved product support. Snorkel has trained its global product support teams and distribution network on the Trackunit solution, enabling them to provide faster and more accurate troubleshooting support remotely.

“Trackunit is one of the leading telematics providers for our industry, and we are very pleased to have partnered with them to develop this solution for our customers,” said Matthew Elvin, CEO of Xtreme Manufacturing and Snorkel. “In line with our ‘keep it simple’ approach, we focused on making it easy for our customers to access all of their fleet data in one place, either through the Trackunit dashboard, or by using API’s to feed the data into their existing telematics tools. This maximises the usability of the data to the customer, as they can see everything in one place.”

Jeffrey Cohen, president of Trackunit commented, “We are proud to work with an industry-leading OEM in bringing this technology to the market. Snorkel has taken a truly customer-centric approach to the data that their customers will find value in. Leveraging the Trackunit ecosystem, they enable customers to drive useful insights back into their organisations.” 

Trackunit is a provider of fleet management solutions to the global construction equipment industry. The company collects and analyses machine data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive and predictive information, empowering customers with data-driven foresight. Headquartered in Denmark. Chicago (USA) and Singapore, along with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, France, Holland, Germany, UK, Australia and Japan, Trackunit supports its customers globally. Trackunit was selected as the telematics programme partner for the Ahern Family of Companies in June 2020.