Cat D6 GC dozer launched in Asian market

The new Cat D6 GC track dozer from Caterpillar is a successor to the company’s former D7G that had been widely used in many industries. The D6 GC has enhanced features that make it suitable for demanding jobs and a wide variety of applications. The machine is coupled with a fully mechanical Cat 3306B engine for reliable performance and long-term durability.

The D6 GC complements Caterpillar offerings in the 20+ tonne track dozers. For example, for forestry applications, customer may prefer the D6 GC fully mechanical engine and drive systems due to operator and technician scarcity. In other high utilisation and fuel efficiency focus applications, customer may consider the D6R2 XL track dozers. The D6R2 XL two-pump hydraulic system and differential steering allows simultaneous blade response and steering performance for greater precision, manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency, and its optional automatic machine settings help reduce operator effort for higher efficiency.

Built on the proven performance of generations of predecessors, the D6 GC is launched in the Asian market with the Cat 3306B mechanical engine that is robust and easy to service and a fuel system that is less sensitive to varied diesel fuel quality.

The D6 GC dozer does have some familiar features. Most notably, there is a return to the elevated sprocket drive and has now clocked up more than 40 years of service in some of the toughest operating conditions, said Caterpillar. The elevated positioning of the final drives also removes this key component from material packing or impact loads transmitted when the machine is working in demanding underfoot conditions.

The Semi-Universal (SU) blade of the D6 GC provides more capacity than the former D7G, resulting in better productivity. The machine case and frame have thicker plates, stronger blade structures and reinforced L-shaped push-arm as compared to the D7G. Other features of the D6 GC include adjustment-free steering clutches, elevated sprocket and optimised undercarriage with strong structures for stability and durability. There are also heavy-duty guarding options for cab and major machine components.

The D6 GC is equipped with the Integrated Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) as a standard mandatory equipment, leading to comfort, excellent visibility and extra safety. The cab comes with a suspension seat and air conditioning for operator’s comfort. The traditional blade controls and the two-lever clutch and brake steering systems make the dozing operation simple and easy for operators of varied experience levels. The easy-to-read dash display helps to keep track of machine functions, fuel levels and more with analogue gauges and warning/status lamps.

The Caterpillar-designed powertrain is set up to work as a system to maximise reliability and performance. The Cat three-speed planetary powershift transmission and Cat exclusive torque divider help customer harness more power to the ground. The elevated sprocket undercarriage provides better ride balance, improved blade penetration and a lower machine centre of gravity. Long length of track on the ground adds to machine stability and performance.

The dozer’s powertrain is a mechanical drive system designed with a robust fuel system, up to B30 (biodiesel) compatible diesel engine, torque divider and power-shift 3F/3R transmission. The fully mechanical engine and transmission make diagnostics and repairs easier when working in remote locations. The high-torque-capacity oil clutches with special modulation permits fast speed and direction changes. The cooling modules are in a single plan for effective cooling and reduce plugging.

The elevated sprocket drive design helps make maintenance easier, and the modular designed main frame allows transmission and major component easy access and fast in-field exchanges. Segmented sprockets are easy to replace as well. The undercarriage module is designed with the two-piece track roller frame with maintenance-free recoil system, sealed and lubricated track to prevent internal wear and maximise bushing life, thus ensuring lower operating and owning cost.

The dozer’s engine compartment enables all daily maintenance inspections to be completed from one side of the machine. Large and wide opening engine side panels give clear access to all inspection and service points on the machine, and daily powertrain oil check and sampling ports are easily accessed from machine platform for convenience and added safety.

The D6 GC Forestry arrangement is available with optional protection like sweeps, screens and extra guarding to help protect against harsh conditions. Cab and canopy machines can be ordered with sweeps to help protect against falling debris. Heavy-duty bottom guards come standard while added sealing helps keep debris out of the engine compartment. SU and Angle blades are available with brush rack for more carrying capacity and to help protect the machine from debris. There is also an option to outfit the machine with a winch for towing capability.