Super 1600 and Super 1603 pavers from Vögele

The Super 1600 tracked and Super 1603 wheeled pavers are part of Vögele’s Classic Line family, featuring pave widths from 2.55 to 6.3 m. These Universal Class models, with their robust equipment and intuitive operating concept, are suitable for small and large construction projects run on a tight schedule.

Both pavers are equipped with the intuitive ErgoBasic operating system and the Niveltronic Basic system for automated grade and slope control. Offering a compact design, powerful 116-kW diesel engines and laydown rates of up to 600 t/h, the Super 1600 and Super 1603 are also efficient, robust and versatile, whether they are working on confined urban job sites or constructing rural roads and motorways.

In combination with the AB 480 extending screed and the tamper and vibrator (TV) compacting systems, the two pavers achieve pave widths from 2.55 to 4.8 m. The additional bolt-on extensions allow them to expand to a maximum pave width of 6.3 m.

The Classic Line pavers from Vögele are controlled via the ErgoBasic operating system, which provides users with the key functions they need to deliver high-quality paving. Among them include clearly structured function and status indicators, the control of different operating modes, glare-free backlighting for night-time jobs and simple steering via a rotary controller or, in the case of the wheeled paver, a steering wheel.