JLG expands electric drive scissor line with four new models

One of the new JLG compact electric drive scissor lifts is the ES1330L, a lightweight, 899.93-kg model. Its narrow 0.76 m width combined with a 3.96 m platform height make it well-suited for use in confined areas and on suspended floors with weight limitations, such as those found in data centres, hotels and museums.

Another new model is the ES1932, based on JLG’s popular R1932 model. The new ES1932 combines the rugged and reliable attributes of R-series models with the differentiating feature of electric drive.

Both the ES1330L and ES1932 were recently showcased at Conexpo 2020, while the other two models - the ES1932i and ES1530L - were not on display.

All new ES-series scissors have only six hoses, a significant reduction over hydraulic drive machines, which lowers the chance for leaks and minimises service calls. Customers will benefit from the commonality between the R and ES-series line for simplified servicing and parts stocking.

“These four new ES models expand the JLG electric scissor offering on the compact end of the spectrum, where we are seeing an increased demand for smaller, lightweight models,” said Rafael Nunez, senior product manager for scissors and vertical lifts at JLG. “All models are ANSI 92.20 compliant, featuring JLG’s most recent safety features.”

The ES1932 is JLG Mobile Control-ready. The Mobile Control app allows users to drive the scissor while in stowed position using their mobile device from up to 40 ft (about 12 m) away – allowing better visibility of possible obstructions while maintaining a safe distance from the machine. JLG said a new battery monitoring system within the app will be offered in the coming months.

“We’ve enhanced the performance of these new scissor lifts to offer greater value and manoeuvrability to our customers,” said Shashank Bhatia, senior director for global product development at JLG.

All new models feature variable tilt functionality, which enables a larger work envelope when operating on slight slopes and their electric drive system provides up to double the battery life, increased travel speeds and faster cycle times, when compared to their hydraulic drive counterparts.