Snorkel goes lithium-electric to meet increasing demand

Following the successful introduction of the lithium-electric powered Snorkel Speed Level models in late 2019, Snorkel is continuing to roll-out its lithium-ion powered lifts.

One of the latest models is the Snorkel S3970RTE, which was recently previewed at Conexpo 2020. It is an electric version of the Snorkel S3970RT diesel-powered compact rough terrain scissor lift, featuring a maximum working height of 13.8 m and a platform lifting capacity of 350 kg, and capable of working a full shift between charges.

Utilising the same lithium-ion maintenance-free battery packs with built-in battery management system (BMS) and integrated electric powertrain as the electric Snorkel Speed Level’s, the S3970RTE delivers excellent four-wheel drive performance with zero emissions, while reducing running costs by up to 95% when compared with an engine.

Equipped with two lithium-ion battery systems as standard, the low voltage system is easily serviced, without the need for specialist high voltage training, and has been tested in climatic chambers between -25°C and +60°C.  A high frequency smart on-board 50A battery charger enables the lift to be fully charged within 5-8 hours, and it can be top-up charged throughout the day, as required. An optional 5.75 kWh battery system can be added for increased range between charges.

Weighing 3,790 kg, the S3970RTE is the first compact rough terrain scissor lift model to be offered with lithium-ion battery power by Snorkel, and the company plans to expand this across its compact rough terrain family, including the S2770RTE - which features a 10.1-m working height - and the S3370RTE with a 12.0-m working height. Snorkel expects that all three models will be in full UK production by October 2020, and is currently accepting pre-orders.

The company plans to continue its lithium-ion electrification of popular mid-size diesel models to meet growing customer demand, with the electric versions of its narrow S2255RT and S2755RT diesel compact rough terrain scissor lifts to follow later this year.

In addition, the new Snorkel SR5719E lithium-ion electric compact rough terrain telehandler offers a maximum lifting capacity of 2,600 kg, and a maximum lift height of up to 5.79 m, while being completely zero emissions. The company said it is now available to order.

Powered by 80V 32-kWh lithium-ion batteries, the SR5719E can perform continuously between charges for up to 6 hours depending on jobsite conditions. The on-board charger provides a full charge overnight, while off-board chargers options are available for fast-charging capabilities, up to 2.5 hours for a complete charge.

The SR5719E - branded as the SR626E outside of North America - delivers a reduction of up to 60% in operating costs over the diesel equivalent, while also reducing noise. Built to handle rough terrain, the SR5719E shares full-time four-wheel drive and an oscillating axle with its diesel equivalent, and three steering modes ensure the compact telehandler is easy to manoeuvre, even in confined spaces.

Equipped with a highly ergonomic fully enclosed cab, with adjustable steering column and suspension seat, the SR5719E features a comfortable working environment for the operator. An intuitive multi-function colour LCD screen provides clear and immediate display of all key parameters and the integrated diagnostics.