Volvo creates new business area for autonomous transport solutions

The new business area of Volvo Group - named Volvo Autonomous Solutions - aims to accelerate the development, commercialisation and sales of autonomous transport solutions. It will officially start operations on 1 January 2020.

Autonomous transport solutions, based on self-driving and connectivity technologies are well-suited for applications where there is a need to move large volumes of goods and material on pre-defined routes, in repetitive flows. In such situations, autonomous transport solutions can create value for customers by contributing to improved flexibility, delivery precision and productivity.

“We have experienced a significant increase in inquiries from customers. With the Volvo Group’s wide range of offerings and broad experience of different applications, we have a unique opportunity to offer solutions that meet their specific needs. It is a logical next step for us to gather expertise and resources in a new business area with profit and loss responsibility to take autonomous transport solutions to the next level,” said Martin Lundstedt, president and CEO of Volvo Group. 

The Group has already demonstrated a number of different autonomous transport solutions.  

In the Electric Site project, material handling in a quarry was automated and electrified. The result was a safer working environment and a reduction of operator costs by 40% and of carbon dioxide emissions by 98%. 

At the Brønnøy Kalk mine in Norway, autonomous Volvo FH trucks will be used in commercial operation to transport limestone along a 5-km stretch. 

Another pioneering initiative is the self-driving, connected and electric vehicle Vera. In its first assignment Vera will form part of an integrated solution to transport goods from a logistics center to a port terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden.

According to Volvo, the financial results of Volvo Autonomous Solutions will be reported as part of the Truck segment. The recruitment process for the position of head of Volvo Autonomous Solutions has also commenced.