First Bauer MC duty-cycle crane with electric drive

To meet the demand for environmental sustainability, Bauer has developed an electrically driven cutter based on a Bauer MC 96 duty-cycle crane, which was debuted recently at bauma 2019. This solution would be particularly suitable for urban environments, where many strict regulations are now in place in respect of exhaust and noise emissions as well as vibration-free operations.

The 500 kW electric drive is said to offer many advantages compared with diesel drives, especially in relatively stationary specialist foundation engineering applications, such as trench cutting. In these applications, electric drives can deliver excellent savings with high efficiency and low emissions, highlighted Bauer. The powerful electric drive is fully integrated into the MC unit and ensures high system availability. It is designed to adapt to different voltage levels and environmental conditions at the job site.

The practicality of the system in inner-city areas was a high priority, stressed Bauer. As such, a patented solution for the external secondary drive of the system was developed as a useful feature during assembly and disassembly, for example. It allows fast and easy manoeuvring even on restricted construction sites and works independently of the power supply. The company added that even in the event of a power failure, emergency operation of all required loads in the cutter carrier can be easily carried out.