New LiuGong earthmoving and road construction equipment

The new LiuGong 909ECR excavator has an operating weight of 8,900 kg, maximum digging reach of 6,847 mm and maximum digging force of 63 kN. It is equipped with a EU Stage IIIB engine that delivers 44 kW (@ 2,200 rpm), and standard bucket capacity of 0.28 cu m. Providing excellent stability, this compact radius machine is a highly versatile tool carrier, enabling it to use a wide variety of attachments, ranging from buckets to hammers, in road and inner-city applications.

For heavy demolition applications, LiuGong offers its new 950 demolition excavator. The machine has an operating weight of 64,320 kg, maximum working pin height of 30 m, maximum pin reach of 17 m and maximum attachment weight of 3,000 kg. Positive customer feedback focuses on the machine’s improved stability and stronger 30-m-long reach boom, said LiuGong. The design of the attachment group also allows changing of standard equipment to high reach equipment and vice-versa in 30 minutes or less.

Operator comfort and safety are top priority in this demolition excavator. The cab is modified by replacing the front window screen with five-layer laminated glass, and the same modification has been applied to the roof glass. The front and roof glass are then butt joined to the front screen to give unsurpassed upward vision for the operator when working with the attachments. Thanks to increased visibility with the tilted cabin, a ROPS/FOPS certified cab and standard rear-view camera, the operator can focus on the job with confidence.

The new LiuGong 4180D motor grader offers 324-degree panoramic visibility owing to an innovative 5 post cab with a single C-pillar, a completely new cab interior that sets the benchmark for comfort and efficiency. New impact resistant materials have also been introduced to provide better weight distribution and increase recyclability. In addition, access for routine maintenance has been improved to reduce downtime. The machine has a blade width of 3,960 mm, operating weight of 15,500 kg, maximum drawbar pull of 84 kN and maximum travel speed of 42 km/h. 

The LiuGong 4180D is powered by a EU Stage II engine that delivers 142 kW of power. The machine recently won a Red Dot Award in the Product Design category. “Visibility, operator comfort and ergonomics were quickly identified as the key areas of focus along with blade articulation and manoeuvrability,” said Gary Major, director of LiuGong’s Industrial Design. To develop the machine, LiuGong’s UK-based Industrial Design team worked in close co-operation with customers and operators to rethink the traditional grader.

The LiuGong 848H wheel loader with new Ergo transmission delivers multi-tool flexibility with maximum power, minimum emissions and a safe and comfortable operator environment. It features an operating weight of 15,500 kg, breakout force of 129 kN, standard bucket capacity of 2.7 cu m and dump clearance of 2,840 mm. The new Cummins QSB6.7 engine combined with a wet axel and a five-speed transmission, with a lock-up clutch torque converter as standard, complies with EU Stage IV regulations. Advanced load sensing hydraulics and auto shift transmission ensure rapid cycle times. Productivity is further enhanced by LiuGong’s quick coupler that enables fast and easy swapping of attachments.

The 856H is another new wheel loader from LiuGong. The machine’s carrying and V cycle speeds are consistently high due to the EU Stage V engine, wet axel, five-speed transmission and standard lock-up clutch torque converter. Ergonomically designed joystick further enhances the operator comfort and increases total productivity. Silicone oil shock absorbers improve the ride quality over the roughest terrain and help prevent material spillage. The 856H offers an operating weight of 21,200 kg, breakout force of 175 kN, dump clearance of 4,021 mm (side dump) / 2,894 mm, and bucket capacity of 2.5 cu m (side dump bucket).

For applications that require heavy lifting, the LiuGong 890H wheel loader will come in handy. The Cummins Stage IV engine is designed to develop more power at low speed, maximising torque output. The power shift transmission and advanced load sensing hydraulics combine to provide superior breakout force with speed and agility. Efficiency is increased further by the Intelligent Power Cut Off function, which improves braking and supports the hydraulics in reducing fuel consumption.

The 890H also provides better safety and comfort for the operator, including enhanced dust filtration, which significantly improves the cab environment. The machine features an operating weight of 30,800 kg, breakout force of 245 kN, dump clearance of 3,330 mm and bucket capacity ranging from 4.5 cu m to 9 cu m. F