New demolition robots from Brokk

Brokk has launched four new demolition robots, along with a Brokk hydraulic breaker range and three new concrete crushers from Darda. These latest machines include Brokk 170, Brokk 200, Brokk 300 and Brokk 520D, all of which are equipped with the new Brokk SmartPower technology.

The Brokk 170 replaces the Brokk 160. Featuring the SmartConcept, the Brokk 170 is well suited to the construction industry. With a 24 kW SmartPower electric powertrain, this lightweight machine comes with 15% more demolition power than its predecessor, and is fitted with the new Brokk BHB 205 breaker and Darda CC440 crusher. Still, the Brokk 170 retains the same compact dimensions as the Brokk 160 and the wide range of attachments are fully compatible between the two models.

The Brokk 200 fills the gap between the Brokk 170 and Brokk 300. It delivers the power of a 3,100 kg Brokk 280 into a 2,100 kg package, enabled by the SmartPower technology. Compared to the smaller Brokk 170, the Brokk 200 comes with the new Brokk BHB 305 breaker that hits 40% harder, as well as the new, stronger Darda CC480 crusher.

The 27.5-kW Brokk 200 has 15% longer vertical and horizontal reach while retaining most of the compact dimensions of the Brokk 160. It is ideal for heavy-duty but difficult-to-access applications.

The Brokk 300, which replaces the Brokk 280, comes with the more powerful Brokk BHB 455 breaker delivering 40% more hitting power. The SmartPower technology allows the machine’s power output to be increased to 37 kW, providing the hydraulic flow and pressure to fully power the heavier and more powerful attachments it is paired with.

Slightly longer than the Brokk 280 and weighing 500 kg more, the Brokk 300 retains the same width and height, giving it access to the same confined jobsites. A new arm system increases the machine’s vertical and horizontal reach to 6.5 and 6.1 m respectively.

Finally, the Brokk 520D diesel machine offers a larger hydraulic breaker that packs 40% more hitting power than the Brokk 400D it is replacing. This new 5-t machine comes with two diesel engine options - a Stage 4/Tier 4 Final Kohler unit meeting the new EU and North American emission standards, and a Kubota model available for the rest of the world.

The new Brokk 520D is slightly heavier and longer than the previous Brokk 400D, boasting a bigger BHB 705 breaker and a 250-mm longer work reach. Its heavier-duty boom system and increased hydraulic performance means that it can handle the same wide range of heavier, more powerful attachments that are already available for the Brokk 500 released last year. With the Brokk SmartDesign, the Brokk 520D can simplify daily maintenance and increase machine uptime.

Shipments of the new Brokk machines are expected to begin between June and August 2018.

SmartConcept technology

Brokk’s new SmartConcept technology offers significant improvements in power management, reliability, maintainability and ergonomics to the latest generation of machines. It consists of three areas: SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote.

Now available on all but two of the model range, the SmartPower combines power management software with custom-designed hardware to maximise the hydraulic power output of a given motor size while boosting reliability. For example, the power generated in the B260, Brokk’s former flagship 3.5 t model, was a constant 24 kW. The next generation unit, the B280 with SmartPower, improves the output to just below 30 kW.

In addition, the integrated power management software automatically monitors the system and adjusts the motor speed to prevailing temperature conditions. This means that the machines can operate continuously even in the harshest, hottest environments.

Besides the power management features, SmartPower includes completely redesigned electrical systems with 70% fewer cables and a reduction in connection points from 170 to about 50, and hardened components specifically designed to withstand the rigours of vibration and heat generated in demolition robots. Together, these improvements increase the overall life of the machine’s electrical and hydraulic components and guarantee greater uptime in real world conditions.

With the SmartDesign, Brokk’s new models include a number of design improvements that extend the life of the machines and improve the operators’ day-to-day maintenance routines. All grease points are accessible from the outside, without removing any covers. LED headlights have special protections built in. Machine covers are formed steel, and hydraulic hoses are easily accessible for replacement. All Brokk machines can rotate 360 continuous degrees, but they can also operate ‘over the back’ and work unencumbered.

Brokk’s SmartRemote uses a wide adjustable belt to hold the remote-control box comfortably around the operator’s waist. Intuitive controls allow the operator to run the machine without having to spend time watching the display. The system uses professional grade radio technology, with frequency hopping capability, and has a working range of up to 300 m.