Enerpac cylinders for heavier lifts on harsher jobsites

Enerpac offers its range of high tonnage cylinders (HTC) to meet the rising demand for heavier lifts in harsher environments. The Summit Edition cylinders provide excellent durability, longer service life, and greater side load resistance for increased heavy lift capability.

Highlights of Enerpac HTC include advanced bearing and sealing technology to extend the boundaries for eccentric loads, and reduced cylinder maintenance intervals. The effects of corrosion and scoring are no longer a concern because of a nitrocarburization surface treatment for improved load and wear resistance, plus corrosion protection.

Enerpac cylinders are designed with safety in mind. Mechanical securing of the load, side load absorption, certified lifting eyes for safe handling, an overflow port and safety valve, and a collar thread and base mounting holes for securely attaching the load, are just some of the safety features of the cylinders.

Simultaneously raising the benchmark for cylinder design and engineering, while maintaining outstanding safety features, the Enerpac high tonnage cylinder range is built to meet a high durability standard. With longer service life, reduced maintenance, and greater side load resistance, users should be able to take on the most demanding heavy lift applications.