ATDC security grilles specified for Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 4 (WEBTORIAL)
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The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) recently participated in a high profile project at Singapore’s Changi Airport newest terminal, Terminal 4 (T4). Working closely with procurement specialist JEB Asia, ATDC has supplied its unique security grilles to eight tenancies at T4’s Heritage Zone , which showcases Singapore’s local culture and flavour to international passengers. The Heritage Zone in the transit area gives a glimpse into the evolution of shophouse architecture from the 1880s to the 1950s.

Part of the job description included installing security grilles that would complement the traditional façade of the pre-war shop houses built before the Second World War-below the shop houses were the retail shops whilst the second and third stories are residential units. There are preserved shop houses still in existence and they are under heritage conservation in Singapore’s Katong and Chinatown areas. 

A further requirement was that the security grilles were to occupy as minimal an amount of storage space as was physically possible when unlocked and opened.

With the above objectives in mind, Changi Airport specified ATDC’’s S07-2- side-by-side retractable security grilles which are among the most space efficient commercial door systems currently available on the world market. By installing the top tracks of these security grilles in a parallel tandem top track configuration, ATDC was able to offer a lock up solution to its client which occupied a mere 8 percent of the daylight opening spans of these tenancies. Furthermore, through the use of its seamless up/down locking mechanisms ATDC was able to provide a lock up solution over considerably wide spans without the need for any cumbersome removeable mullions and without the need for any floor tracking to contain these doors. A further requirement was that the locking mechanisms on the security grilles had to be keyable to the specific master keying system at Changi Airport. For further information on ATDC’s S07-2 security grilles visit ATDC’s website 

A special precious silver pearl powdercoated finish is applied to blend in with the general finishes of the immediate surroundings of the Heritage Zone. Standard ATDC stock finishes include pearl white or satin black although any Dulux powdercoat finish can be achieved to match any individual colour scheme.

The security grilles we are all customer designed and fabricated to specific sizes from dimensions that were detailed on architectural and engineering drawings and they were then attached to structural support frames designed in advance by JEB Asia in conjunction with ATDC. The installation was successfully completed and Changi Airport are a very satisfied customer.

ATDC sells its security grilles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra as well as in all regional areas across Australia including Townsville, Darwin, Hobart, Newcastle and Geelong. ATDC also has a thriving export business with its security grilles now being sold throughout South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region (including Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia), as well as to the UAE, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. For examples of other international projects which ATDC has participated in please visit ATDC’s website

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