US-Based Panduit Elevates Manufacturing Landscape With New State-Of-The-Art Plant In Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Johor Bahru, Malaysia – Panduit, a global leader and manufacturer of cutting-edge electrical and network infrastructure solutions, has announced the opening of its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This milestone marks a significant advancement in manufacturing processes, fortifying Panduit’s supply chain to deliver top-notch cable tie products while meeting the growing demands of its clientele. Spanning an impressive 25,083 square metres, the facility commenced operations in October 2023, poised to create 184 new direct job opportunities by the end of 2024.

Mr. YB Lee Ting Han, Johor State Executive Member and Chairman of Investment, Trade, Consumer Affairs and Human Resources Committee, who was present at the plant opening ceremony shared, “The decision by Panduit Corporation to establish operation in Johor is a testament to our State’s strategic advantages such as location, robust technology and basic infrastructure, diverse talent pool, as well as Johor’s role as a hub for the ASEAN market. We trust that this investment will further boost Malaysia and Johor’s reputation as the top investment destination for high technology and precision manufacturing industries.”

Mr. Sikh Shamsul Ibrahim Sikh Abdul Majid, Chief Executive Officer of MIDA, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Malaysia is actively advancing to attract high-tech investments, and we take pride in welcoming an industry leader like Panduit. Their presence not only enhances our high-tech talent pool but also provides a compelling advantage in the global market. It aids our SMEs in adopting advanced manufacturing technologies, contributes to the development of the plastics industry ecosystem, and strengthens the resilience of Malaysia’s supply chains and economic landscape.”

“Johor Bahru is a vibrant and established center of industrial manufacturing in South Asia with a sophisticated infrastructure system as well as strong manufacturing and operational capabilities,” explained Panduit Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Asia-Pacific, Harry Woo. “The strategic decision of building a new plant in Johor Bahru will help us remain competitive while maintaining our strategic presence in the area and ensuring ongoing service to our customers.”

“Our modern manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced robotics and automation to maximise productivity,” said Panduit Senior Vice President of Operations David Tallentire. “Additionally, to improve the overall efficiency and sustainability of the plant, we incorporated advanced features to optimise energy performance and implemented high efficiency design practices for a more streamlined building and manufacturing process.” Tallentire added that Panduit looks forward to leveraging the strong logistical connections for ease of supply to its Asian customers and into the wider global supply chain.