Empowering Sustainability: Technoform Warm Edge Spacer Produced In Singapore Attains Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
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Singapore – In a significant stride towards environmental responsibility, Technoform Edge Bond Solutions Singapore has achieved a noteworthy milestone – attaining its very own Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the Warm edge spacer solution manufactured in Singapore. This achievement underscores the environmental credentials of the company’s solution, positioning it as a frontrunner in sustainable building solutions.

What is an EPD and Why Does It Matter? 

An EPD is a transparent and independently verified document that rigorously assesses and communicates the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle. It provides valuable insights into factors such as resource use, emissions, and energy consumption. This empowers stakeholders to make informed choices aligned with their sustainability goals, facilitating a paradigm shift towards eco-conscious decision-making.

Utilising the EPD results garnered, Technoform conducted a comprehensive comparative analysis against the EPD results of a traditional aluminium spacer1 in the market.

This comparison is grounded in a rigorous adherence to specific criteria for EPD comparability. To ensure a meaningful assessment, the EPDs must share key attributes:

• Both EPDs should cover products with identical functions, technical performances and use;

• Both EPDs should have equivalent system boundaries and description of data;

• The EPDs should be valid at the time of the comparison

In light of the company’s compelling findings, it found that Technoform Warm edge spacer’s performance consistently surpasses that of the aluminium spacer across various categories. This positions Technoform’s solution as a superior choice in the realm of green building solutions.

Aligned with the company’s commitment as a signatory of the Singapore Built Environment Embodied Carbon Pledge by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), the decision to pursue an EPD reinforces its dedication to fulfilling its pledge of accelerating and galvanising decarbonisation efforts in the built environment sector.

This commitment is more than just a statement; it’s an actionable step towards transparency and accountability. By undergoing this rigorous assessment, Technoform aims to transparently communicate the environmental performance of our solution. This will empower industry stakeholders with crucial information, facilitating informed decision-making and encouraging the adoption of sustainable solutions.

Technoform’s decision to attain an EPD also underscores its determination to consistently aim for industry best practices, and it will continue to remain steadfast in its pursuit of upholding and even surpassing the highest standards of sustainable practices within the industry.

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1 Publicly available EPD data is available and used for this comparison.