Univers And TÜV SÜD Team Up To Drive Asia Pacific’s Net Zero Agenda With Cutting-Edge Solutions
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Singapore – Univers, a global decarbonization software leader headquartered in Singapore, and TÜV SÜD in Singapore, an international testing, inspection, certification, and training company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 16 November 2023 to address the growing need for robust carbon management solutions in the wider net zero journey.

Under the MOU, Univers’ proprietary software EnOS™ Ark-Enterprise Resource and Carbon Management and TÜV SÜD’s carbon accounting verification services will be jointly marketed and rolled-out to ASEAN, with the aim to expand the reach to other markets in Asia Pacific.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT), Univers’ proprietary software EnOS™ Ark provides a single source of data to track, measure and optimise emissions, which in turn helps to manage and improve operational efficiency. Meanwhile, TÜV SÜD as a globally trusted verification body, will support Univers in verifying the carbon emission data on EnOS™ Ark based on ISO 14064-3 (specification with guidance for the verification and validation of greenhouse gas statements), assuring users of the accuracy and reliability of the emissions data reported.

Under the partnership, Univers and TÜV SÜD will address the carbon accounting and certification needs of over 71 million small and medium-sized (SMEs) in ASEAN.[1] The joint capabilities provided by Univers and TÜV SÜD will enable SMEs to assess their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, helping them address the rising global regulatory demand for disclosure, necessary for banks to approve green financing. This aims to ensure that organizations applying for the loan are on the right track, specifically in steering their supply chains toward decarbonisation.

Michael Ding, Global Executive Director, Univers, said, "We are pleased to embark on this partnership with TÜV SÜD, to offer companies a comprehensive platform to effectively track and manage their carbon emissions. This collaboration represents another step in our commitment to ‘two degrees of unity’ for environmental sustainability and it is set to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future."

Richard Hong, CEO, TÜV SÜD ASEAN, said, "With our expertise and extensive experience in validating and verifying greenhouse gas emissions, we are pleased to work with Univers to support organisations in their decarbonisation journey. By ensuring the accuracy of the collected carbon emissions data, it will empower organisations on EnOS™ Ark to make more informed decisions based on reliable emission data, thereby expediting their transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future."

[1] ISEAS Perspective - Calculating the Carbon Footprint and Minimum Greenhouse Gas Production of SMEs in Southeast Asia