International Built Environment Week (IBEW) To Encourage Lateral Thinking
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Singapore – IBEW is presenting the Built Environment Leaders’ Summit (Leaders’ Summit) on 6 September 2023. The summit will embrace a format designed to foster interdisciplinary conversations within the dynamic Built Environment community.

Aligning with the refreshed Built Environment Industry Transformation Map 2025 (ITM), this year’s conference carries the theme: “Lateral Thinking in a Vertical World”.

Leaders’ Summit will provide a platform for attendees to witness the transformative power of lateral thinking and creative problem- solving in shaping the Built Environment’s future around the four central pillars of "Organisational Transformation," "Digitalisation," "Advanced Manufacturing," and "Innovation & Technology”.

With a forward-thinking focus, the summit will delve into compelling topics such as the rise of generative AI and the transformative potential of digitalisation and innovation, and their profound impact on the Built Environment. The four keynote speakers headlining the conference are:

  • Shane Snow, Author of “Smartcuts” and Co-Founder, Contently and SHOWRUNNER
  • Zack Kass, Technologist and Futurist
  • John S. Hamalian, Director, Southeast Asia, Lean Enterprise
  • Manminder Takhar, Global CTO for Global Smart Cities, Dell Technologies

The Leaders’ Summit will shine the spotlight on how companies have effectively addressed challenges akin to those encountered within the Built Environment with their own unique approaches. The event is poised to inspire industry leaders and professionals to generate innovative solutions by applying lateral thinking within their own field and through cross-domain collaboration, thereby shaping the future of the sector.

Please refer to the website for the full list of speakers and more information on the programme.