Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS) develops new BuildTrust™ Assessment Programme
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Singapore – The Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS) unveiled an upcoming initiative the ‘BuildTrustTM Assessment Programme’ at its 10th anniversary gala dinner held at Orchard Hotel Singapore on 12 May 2023.

The BuildTrustTM Assessment Programme aims to define the minimum standards of construction that need to be met for landed residential properties and standardise how construction quality will be graded for these homes.

In view of the increase in demand for quality standards from landed property owners, BuildTrustTM will help to raise the quality of landed properties and give recognition to reliable contractors with good track records. The programme will also serve to ease the rising concerns about the quality and standards of contractors which have been portrayed in a negative light in recent months. To ensure competency and consistency in the assessments, MBAS will also be organising a hands-on training programme for BuildTrustTM Assessors.

“We are committed to addressing the interests and challenges faced by contractors specialising in landed properties in Singapore,” said Mr Ian Teo, President of MBAS. The BuildTrust™ Assessment Programme aims to introduce a set of quality standards which landed residential properties can be graded upon and provided quality assurance to landed property homeowners,” added Mr Teo.

Taking reference from Building & Construction Authority’s (BCA) Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS), BuildTrustTM is conceived to tailor to the needs of landed properties. To uphold and ensure the widespread adoption of the BuildTrustTM standard, micro builders can include it in their contracts to minimise disputes on project quality. MBAS will also work with stakeholders and industry partners for reaching out and sharing of the programme.

For more information about BuildTrustTM, visit the website