Aurecon wins back-to-back Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Awards
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Hong Kong – International design, engineering and advisory company Aurecon has once again been named a Global winner at the 2022 Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Awards 2022. This latest win builds upon its 2022 Hong Kong MIKE award win and it being recognised as one of two Most Outstanding Global winners previously.

The Global MIKE Award is one of the highest accolades in the Knowledge Management (KM) field and recognises the best in class internationally for excellent KM and innovation practices. Administered by an international study group of global experts, the 2022 Global and Hong Kong MIKE review involved enterprises across eight countries and regions. Aurecon emerged from the assessment with stellar results achieved across various areas, including innovative research, thought leadership and knowledge management.

This latest achievement builds on Aurecon’s established knowledge sharing practices to foster new opportunities for innovation, with people at the centre of how it brings ideas to life.

Dr. Andrew Maher, Group Managing Principal for Eminence, Digital and Innovation shared, “We are honoured to be recognised by the industry as a global leader in knowledge management and innovation. These wins affirm the robust processes and systems we have in place. More importantly, they attest to how we have continually sought to leverage the deep expertise, skills and knowledge of our people to enable them to better deliver solutions for our clients.”

Going beyond processes and systems to focus on people is part of Aurecon’s recipe for success. With reference to Aurecon’s KM efforts, Kim Sherwin, Director for Knowledge added, “We are committed to helping our people grow professionally and personally. To that end, we remain focused on building strong communities of practice and creating sharing networks to bridge knowledge gaps, uncover new knowledge and drive innovation. By doing so, our people will be well positioned to seize business opportunities and continue to develop both personally and professionally to bring their best to their client work.”

One of the key initiatives that Aurecon has undertaken is to grow its global knowledge sharing sessions and elevate its local sessions by making them accessible to all interested staff throughout the year. This is epitomised by its month-long KNOW-vember knowledge sharing campaign, and Know and Tell sessions throughout the year covering the breadth of Aurecon’s business.

Over the past three years, more than half of Aurecon’s employees have received formal innovation training. To further embed a strong organisational innovation culture, Aurecon has developed Capability Knowledge and Learning Plans, and streamlined workflows to better upskill staff. In tandem, Aurecon implemented its flagship three-year learning programme, Design Academy, to deepen the technical mastery of its leaders.

At a broader level, Aurecon also brought together a diverse group of practitioners (i.e., innovation partners) that have close interactions with project teams and clients, to regularly scope potential opportunities, conduct research and deliver novel outcomes. Another initiative, the Exemplar Forum, had digital leaders across the Aurecon community come together to collaborate and showcase new digital opportunities annually. Collectively, these initiatives pave the way for Aurecon to connect its people with critical knowledge and empower them for innovation.

Key judging criteria

As part of the MIKE Award judging framework, Aurecon’s innovation and knowledge initiatives were assessed across eight key areas:

  • Empowering knowledge workers for innovation
  • Strategising, visioning and transformative leadership
  • Creating client and user expectations / needs / experiences
  • Developing internal and external networks and connectivity
  • Cultivating organisational innovation culture
  • Investing and delivering knowledge-based products / services / solutions
  • Enforcing knowledge practices and systems for knowledge creation
  • Implementing creative and virtual space to create stakeholder value