RAKtherm – A Leading International Brand with Global Market Acceptance (Webtorial)
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RAKtherm’s exceptional outstanding quality pipes emerge rapidly since it started and consistently increases its’ market share in the piping industry. When the construction industry flourished, a strong demand for building materials arise and this calls for production of RAKtherm piping systems. Since then RAKtherm drives for consistent growth to fulfill construction demands implementing new technologies and continuous innovation.

RAKtherm’s brand ethic is base on approach that focuses on identifying new technologies to support the growing requirements of the global piping market. RAKtherm’s intelligent piping solutions is positioned to showcase its’ proven brand credibility that will resolve any new plumbing challenges.

Having technical acumen and market knowledge RAKtherm has successfully saturated over the greater areas and entire territory of Asia, Africa, Europe, and GCC marking a significant increase of market volume in a span of eight months this year, from newly signed distribution contracts for export as a direct result of worldwide market demand. The company’s venture with these new markets is its strategic move for further market saturation affirming global utilisation of RAKtherm, a German certified brand tested and conformed by DVGW, SKZ, HY, and TUV.

RAKtherm has a formidable market presence and extensive export distribution covering over several countries across the global piping market for its outstanding product portfolio of proven brand. Nevertheless, RAKtherm is a leading international brand with global market acceptance.

RAKtherm manufactures one of the world’s most versatile and comprehensive piping systems combining technology and the in-house engineering team’s expertise, for performance-driven products that efficiently perform for over 50 years, and has supported numerous projects spread across over 35 countries worldwide.

RAKtherm’s PPR, PEX, REINFORCED, and anti-UV piping systems delivers one of the most advanced piping technologies proven to be chemically stable, non-corrosive, extremely tough and durable and highly resilient even at the most extreme conditions.

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