RAKtherm’s Growth and Strong Global Market Share (Webtorial)
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RAKtherm, a leading German certified brand and global manufacturer of PPR and PEX piping systems, has manifested a significant market growth in less than eight months this year as the company grabbed more market share. Apparently, several distribution contracts for export were signed and tied up as joint venture for new points of distribution for further market penetration as RAKtherm logged strong worldwide market demand. The growth is attributed to the increasing demand for highly competent piping systems across Asia, Africa, Europe, and GCC.

RAKtherm will showcase on The Big5 Dubai its’ complete line up of outstanding product portfolio of proven brands for PPR, PEX, Reinforced, and anti-UV Piping Systems.

“We manufacture the worlds’ most versatile and comprehensive piping systems utilising advance technology and the in-house engineering team’s expertise for performance-driven piping solution that will efficiently perform for over 50 years,” said Mr Mohammed Habib, Sales and Marketing Manager of RAKtherm.

RAKtherm systems are engineered precisely for higher level of piping service performance that is proven to be highly resilient even at the most extreme conditions with excellent physical and chemical properties. Tested, conformed, and certified by DVGW, SKZ, HY, and TUV affirming that it is suitable for global distribution and utilisation.

Globally recognised for being a high-end source for ultimate piping solutions, RAKtherm had series of major MEP projects partnerships both locally and internationally through a distribution network of RAKtherm stockists in 35 countries worldwide.

Granted that rise on market share is attributable to RAKtherm’s technical expertise and extensive market knowledge that excels in understanding the requirements of the piping industry, RAKtherm continuous to saturate the global mainstream market.

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