AYDA Awards crowns design industry changemakers during the international finale
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Singapore – The highly renowned AYDA Awards 2021/2022 celebrated its epilogue after announcing Nguyen Quang Duong from Vietnam and Patcharakul Paesomwang from Thailand, as AYDA’s Designers of the Year 2021/2022 in Penang, Malaysia. Commemorating Georgetown as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the winners were announced on Georgetown Heritage Day, the 7th of July 2022.

Having to brace through stiff competition with a total of 6,200 entries globally and 27 international finalists from 15 geographical locations, Nguyen Quang Duong was recognized as the Designer of the Year for the Architectural Category and Patcharakul Paesomwang was announced as the Designer of the Year for the Interior Design Category. Both the winners were able to put forth design ideas that address the needs of communities and environment while creating long lasting positive impacts.

The Designers of the Year were awarded with an all-expense-paid three-week trip worth up to USD 10,000, to attend Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design’s (Harvard GSD) Design Discovery Programme. During this programme, the winners will be exposed to the opportunity of sharpening their skills and broadening their horizons to continue in their pursuit of excellence in their industries.

During the international award ceremony, the Nippon Paint community initiative presented sub-awards as well which included the Nippon Paint Colour Award, Best Sustainable Design Award and Best Design Impact Award. All the winners across these categories were also given cash prizes worth USD1,000 each. Further recognising the talent in this year’s entries, AYDA Awards 2021/2022 also awarded a finalist from the Interior Design Category with the Honourable Award, who took home a cash prize worth USD500.

AYDA Awards 2021/2022’s theme of ‘Forward: Amplifying Empathy through Design’, encouraged designers to be quick to change, and highlight the importance of empathy in their designs to serve communities and utilise commercial value while taking care of the environment. These values were clearly displayed in Nguyen Quang Duong’s creation, ‘Dragonfly’ and the masterpiece of Patcharakul Paesomwang in ‘Pause In’. Both these visionary design industry shifters not only demonstrated full understanding of the theme but also showcased the importance for other designers to go out of their comfort zones to create sustainable communities, especially in Asia.

“Today, designers have been given the challenge of developing spaces that push boundaries to allow people to interact with spaces. Through AYDA Awards 2021/2022, I am excited to see what the future of design holds through the lens of our aspiring designers. Congratulations to the winners and I look forward to seeing more remarkable creations in next year’s awards,” said Paul Noritaka Tange, one of the judges for the Architectural Category and Chairman of Tange Associates.

“The submissions of this year’s award ceremony have strengthened the fact that designers of tomorrow need to create solutions that emotionally connect with people and communities. I was very impressed with the quality of work we received this year and can’t wait to see what’s in store for future AYDA Awards. Big round of applause to all the winners,” said Keat Ong, one of the judges for the Interior Designer Category and Founder and Kreative Director of Keat Ong Design.

AYDA Awards 2021/2022 that was conducted in a hybrid format this year received 5,000 views online across both categories and saw 60 specially invited guests and judges from 15 geographical locations join the event on-ground. Those who wish to tune in to the recorded awards ceremony can do so via the link here: [AYDA 2021/ 2022 International Finale Award Ceremony - YouTube]

“The design industry plays a significant role in envisioning a sustainable future where people interact with spaces in a multifaceted manner. At AYDA Awards 2021/2022 we saw amazing empathic designs take centre stage; giving us optimism that design, sustainability and functionality can strike an appealing balance. Congratulations to the winners and all the participants who gave their very best at this competition.” said Wee Siew Kim, Group Chief Executive Officer, NIPSEA Group and Co President, Nippon Paint Holdings Group. 

It is evident that AYDA Awards will continue to play a significant role in the shaping of empathetic designers of tomorrow. With that in mind, AYDA Awards will carry out the 15th instalment of awards. Echoing the importance of revolutionary creations, AYDA Awards 2022/2023 will be themed ‘CONVERGE: Pushing the Reset Button’. The upcoming awards will provide designers the chance to produce entries that promote a collaborative relationship between people and nature. For more updates visit